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The face on the left is “Dead or Alive” singer Pete Burns in the early 80’s – before he indulged in massive quantities of plastic surgery. The face on the right is Bill Kaulitz from “Tokyo Hotel.” The similarities are obvious. Bill has clearly embraced the 80’s vibe. Hopefully, he will not follow Pete’s footsteps into the cosmetic surgeons office.

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  1. Um…you need glasses, they look nothing alike. Both have big hair and are Big queens that’s about the extent of it. Bill Kaulitz looks naturally like a woman and pete had surgery to be a woman?

  2. Janet, please proofread before posting…you told us to look on the left for both photos.

  3. Is that the same freak with the extensive plastic surgery? Too bad. The comment about the self-hating was right on.

  4. Love love love Tokio Hotel. And Bill’s not gay. He has an identical twin, who shows what Bill looks like under the make up. He is an awesome talent. His mother is a tailor, which may explain his love of fashion. He was born behind the iron curtain. How far he has come. You are a bunch of old foggies.

  5. Janet please correct yourself – Scott was correct. That pic is not Pete Burns but the drummer of Dead or Alive.

  6. Bill Kaulitz looks naturally like a woman
    You must not see many women…

  7. That drummer’s gorgeous! So was Pete Burns, once upon a time. I completely respect his right to do as he likes with his body, but I never understood it. In the past, I had read interviews where he described the kinds of problems he had with his botched lip job leaking &etc. Sad.

    If you watch his season of the UK “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here!” he can be quite witty and bitchy.

  8. Hi Janet – again – that’s not Pete Burns – it is his drummer and band manager Steve Coy

  9. Hey guess what… Dunno if anyone’s told you… It’s not Pete Burns… It’s Steve Coy.

  10. I’m a moderator at The Right Stuff, the official forum for Dead or Alive, and can confirm that the image on the left is not Pete Burns. As other posters have indicated, the image in fact shows Steve Coy, Dead or Alive’s drummer.

  11. Stupid is as stupid does. The man on the left is STEVE COY. Sometimes, preventing a mistake just takes a little attention and fact checking. If you know what that last thing means, Janet.

  12. This is not Pete Burns!!!!!!! It’s a drummer of his band “dead or alive” Stewe Coy! Pete was more beautiful than Steve, and of course more beautiful and more sexy than Bill!

  13. UH……thats not pete burns! tahts steve coy! lolz get ur facts straight!

  14. That´s not Pete Burns, is STEVE COY, the drummer of the band! He still had a normal face and also: God, you did it very well!

  15. Isn’t “Peter Burns” the nighttime squeal of little Angelo & Bob?

  16. That’s not even Pete Burns on the left you fool, and 6 years later you haven’t bothered to correct your error.
    You are definitely NOT a journalist, and this is my first and last visit to this site.

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