No complaints about Rihanna appearing on a Vogue cover – in two dazzling versions! But what WE want to know is: What’s going on with Drake? For awhile it looked like Rihanna and Drake were evolving into a bigtime romance. They spent quality time together in Europe but haven’t been seen together lately. We do think Drake would be an ideal partner for Rihanna – he’s got talent, looks, brains, and better manners than most of the guys she sees.
Photos: Mariano Vivanco for Vogue Brazil May 2014


  1. Jayzee the ‘pimp’ gets 80% of this Woman’s earnings and residuals. Are you fooled yet?

  2. As I predicted. Rihanna is known in her circles as a cum dumpster. That’s all she is. Guys will bang her for a bit and go onto the next cum dumpster. She’s not a very smart woman but then again, not many blacks in hip hop are. Just look at all the stupid decisions they make and it gets amplified by the fact they have a lot of money to make those stupid decisions.

  3. Rhianna spends too much time parading around half nude. Of course there are a few guys who would take her out,and then the signature language of goodbye. By all indications she is too busy trying to be the Next sex symbol to really be taken seriously as a woman,even though she is in a professional very attractive, and very wealthy show biz talents. She may cover the magazines, but I do Not believe that she is the girl that you take home to meet mom and the family. PEACE!!

  4. The girl you take home to meet your Mom? Are we living in the the 1800’s? It sure seems like it reading the posters. Rhianna is a product. She is no great Artist. She can barely sing. is a glorified stripper, and doesn’t seem to be very intelligent. She clearly has abuse issues, addiction issues and low self-esteem. Until she gets away from her handelers, her “managers”/pimps, and deals with her history, odds are against her. I would guess Drake got tired of her antics or she became “bored” by someone who was decent.

  5. If he is wise he just simply dropped out of her crazy-bitch life.. she is an emotional wreck and he doesn’t want to be the constant PMS symptom target when she is in a bad bossy mood, embarrassed with all the other foolish antics the plans to pull off for fun.. in witch she find joys in way to demean others and cause perverse publicity. She’s used to high rollers supporting her career.. he might see now she expects him to spend way too much money and time on her crazy-ego-vanity whims.

  6. Prostitute from The Bahamas when JZ found her. What do u expect from the no talent whore.

  7. If Drake wants her to hang out, he must treat her poorly. That is the only thing that turns her on.

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