Still together after 13 years and happily unmarried, Helena Bonham Carter, 48, and Tim Burton, 55, took their kids for a walk in London. If Billy, 10 , and Nell, 7, are lucky they will inherit their mother’s looks and their father’s imagination. Actually both of their parents are creative and eccentric. Note that Helena is wearing two pairs of glasses on her head. Tim Burton is finishing up his movie called Big Eyes – it’s about that 50’s painter Margaret Keane who painted those children with huge eyes. At one time the paintings were easy to find in thrift shops – now they’re collectable.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. Janet, showing pictures of celebrity children is immoral.

  2. Those paintings are collectible? I had one large original and a couple of smaller prints in my kids rooms when they were little and gave them to a Salvation Army. Her artwork is charming, I’m glad I bought them and hope someone else is enjoying them now.

  3. Arlene, please learn the correct usage for the word ” immoral” . I notice that you sure like to use it a lot, in fact, it’s probably your fav adjective.

    But, your chronic application of the word, trivializes it’s stature. A bit like using the word awesome, instead of very ….

    Evidently, you’ve had difficulties with school, and judging from your syntax and usage, perhaps English isn’t even your native tongue

    good luck

  4. yes, looking home & jobless is quite a trend in LA.

    ………..year round, hahahahahahahahaha!!

  5. The kids are cute – the parents choose to look like homeless, dirty freaks.

  6. dolly seems to like to lecture posters without adding anything to the thread……it’s not about posters?

  7. I thought for moment she was married to Nicolas Cage. I agree with Paula, she is a good actress.

  8. Fine by me if they want to dress like old hippies. But that ever-present dirty tangle of hair on her head is a bit much. And always with a goofy bow or flower. What pray tell are they trying to prove?

  9. strom you are arlene because there isn’t an altruisitic bone in your fat head

  10. Looks like they’re from Seattle. There’s a lot of fruitloops up there.

  11. “It’s not about the posters.” That is the most delusional bullsheet ever. No one posts in a vacuum. And who would address the owner of a site with such vitriol? Only because they aren’t banned, OF COURSE it about the posters.


  12. Poor, delusional Angelo and namers, spewing spite at posters and contributing nothing to the thread.

  13. I thought they broke up. Weren’t there some grainy pictures last year of Burton kissing a blonde?

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