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This fling that Heather Locklear has been having with Jack Wagner seems to be working out. (Certainly better than her turn with David Spade.) They’ve been inseparable for months, and Jack has been sloooowly moving stuff into her Westlake Village home. Minor things like clothes, toiletries, personal objects and necessities – but day by day he has more square feet staked out. Heather’s ex Richie Sambora must feel more out in the cold than ever.

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  1. She treats Ava like S H I T. did you not see how she treated Ava at American Idol? Does no one else see the fact that she always looks so desperately unhappy around her ”mother”? Does no one else acknowledge that Heather herself has basically said she never wanted to be a mother, doesn’t want to be a mother again, and really has no interest in it?
    How anyone can doubt she’s a bad mother is beyond me, she CHOSE wilfully to leave Ava an only child. that says it all to me.
    i will never ever ever be able to get over what she did to Richie. Never never never never. How anyone can send that old witch ”love” is beyond me, at the end of the day you reap what you sow and Heather is finally seeing what she has done to her life all in a bid to get her one true love, her CAREER back on track.
    She left Richie in her wake but he will come back stronger when he meets someone decent. He’s just hanging with his family. Heather on the other hand can’t keep up with all the various men she has jumping in an out of her bed.
    I absolutely despise Heather. Despise everything about her. I find it hard to reconcile all this ill informed and indeed stupid good will towards her. Just open your eyes you ignorami.

  2. Do not know Richie or Heather personally, but I think people need to mind their own business and let them get on with their separate lives. As far as their daughter these two people are her parents forever and I’m she loves both of them very much and always will as I’m sure they love her dearly. I truly hope this child never see some of the things written because it will be you all that she will never forgive. Remember the old saying bloods thicker than water.

  3. Anonymous Richie fan, you are either very troubled soul or troll. I’m hoping it’s the latter because if you believe everything you write you are one sicky puppy.

  4. Did not see American Idol. What exactly did Heather do?
    I think Heather and Richie both were hurt by the divorce.

  5. The sick puppy is HEATHER who started all this in the first place with her lies.
    Jsut because Richie never said anything does not mean that these things did not happen. He is the only one who NEVER said a word yet somehow I see people either bashing him or saying leave them both alone.
    No. It’ sNOT fair for Richie to be slandered whilst Heather walks away scot free. She is a b i t c h and Ava sadly already KNOWS that. Why do you think she refuses to be with her for any extended period of time?

  6. Oh, and how could Heather be hurt when she was the one who walked in the first place? If she was hurt things would never have happened the way they did, it was her CALLOUSNESS and vindictive nature that cause Ava to go through a world of hurt. All Heather had to do was wait 2 WEEKS so that she and Richie could clarify things and make joint decisions. She took that away and did it on her own terms without a THOUGHT for anyone, hence the mess that ensued.

  7. The person above is beyond obsessed with Richie Sambora – kind of scary!

  8. This is sad but hilarious at the same time!
    It would be scary to have people trying to figure your life out and feel so adamantly about things they know nothing about.
    Not all CA women are shallow, greedy, manipulative harlots. There are still very genuine, sincere, intelligent women so don’t rag on the West Coast. Good and bad are found everywhere.
    There’s 3 sides to every story..I’m sure they all did their part and nobody is innocent.
    I do feel for Richie’s lil girl. What if she got access to this kind of stuff? It could only damage her. The world is getting worse–I don’t hope Richie and the other people find love. I hope they find God!

  9. To the mentally unstable Richie fan, Richie may not have done the talking himself he used his ex prostitute gold digging girlfriend to do all the talking for him. Since you are so in the know about their personal life maybe you could post under your real name instead of being “Anonymous” which leads me to believe you are delusional and have no idea what you are talking about. Denise, don’t you have better things to do with your time. Don’t you have a scheduled paparazzi photo op somewhere on Robertson or at the park. You are really kind of pathetic.

  10. Anyonymous Richie fan, while you’re so wildly speculating about people you don’t even know, why does it never occur to you that your beloved Richie might not want your kind of “support”?
    Still hoping you’re a troll…

  11. Heather was not seeing her ex – TOmmy Lee while being married to Richie. Heather has close girlfriends and does like to go out with them .. not to troll for men.

  12. So that’s what Barbie and Ken would look like in their 40’s. LOL
    Let’s keep in mind that there are two sides to every story. Heather was no angel while she was married. Oh well, Karma is a biatch.

  13. HEATHER ABSOLUTELY WAS F U CK I N G Tommy Lee BEFORE she filed for divorce, as well as David Spade and several other men. she was hanging aroung the Beverly Hills Hotel trying desperately to scre any man who looked sideways aat her. She has a SERIOUS addiction to prescription medication. That is a major part of the reason she cant get work, other than with her ‘friend” and fellow drug buddy David Spade, and look what happened to his good friend Owen Wilson.
    Richie wanted OUT of that scene. If people are questioning why Denise keeps sayng that she and Heather were no longer friends it’s BECAUSE of what Heather saw happen on New Years Eve 06…with David and his cronies.
    Wake up and smell the very very very VERY strong coffee people. It’s fairly obvious Heather destroyed her own marriage and drove Richie to a broken heart. Everything else that happened was a direct correlation to HEATHER’S own actions and she damn well knows it.
    Jack Wagner is a P R ICK. Everyone knows that. Heather isn’t doing herself any favors and SERIOUSLY who ever said he is good looking? PUKE. Go to WENN.com and see the pictures of Richie from a week ago, they wil truly showyou who has got their lfe back together. Unlike Heather who was walking around unable to keep her eyes open and holding her arms out to keep her balance whilst out shopping, looking dazed, confused and completely high. I hope she wasn’t planning on driving…then again, maybe she’d have been pulled over and locked up, that would be a good way of starting to expose the mess that is Heather Deen Locklear’s life. Richie is SOOOOO out of that right now. Buh-bye Heather.
    As for Denise, what exactly did Denise say about Richie and indeed the situation? Look back, it was very very very little. Again, people are only seeing what they want to see. There are probably only about 2 or 3 quptes that Denise used. she was hardly blabbing about it. David Spade did all of Heather’s talking and HE supposedly had absolutely NOTHING to do with the situation, of COURSE he didnt coughcoughcoughCOUGH.
    Heather made damn sure her story was out there in the press. how else could you people be so certain of the b it che s feelings?
    I just wish people would open their eyes, seriously, to the drug addled, narcissistic, desperate, wh o r e that is Heather. I had such highhopes for her, Richie truly made her a better person after Tommy and now shes thrown 12 years of such good work away.
    Ava’s fine, she has her father and her Nana Sambora. The further away she is from HEather family the better. they are all scum.

  14. Believe what you want about Heather, but quit with the fake concern for Ava. If you gave a damn about anyone but your own obsessive self, you wouldn’t continue to spew this fantastical garbage ad nauseum.

  15. “Again, people are only seeing what they want to see.”
    That includes you, and you have proven yourself to be the saddest of the lot by far.

  16. I would hate to see the lives of most of the people writing this stuff because you spend so much time in other peoples business when do you find time for your own. Your lives must be a mess.

  17. Thanks, Denise, you have confirmed for me by your posts here that you never ever interested in Richie Sambora. It is painfully obvious that you are obsessed and jealous of Heather Locklear. Not a healty state of mind to be in. Keep it up and you will most likely transfere all your negative behavior to your daughters. Given your past, you already have to worry about them growing up to be either paid whores or golddiggers. Good luck with that. God, you are pathetic!

  18. Denise, you really are a sad, has-been loser! Grasping at any straw you have to stay afloat at any cost! How pathetic you are my dear! And….what career do you have nowadays?????

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