The idea of petite and feminine Heather Locklear, 56, getting high and beating up her boyfriends is utterly fascinating and unexpected. Heather’s first two husbands were rock stars – Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora -so she was exposed to self indulgence and substance abuse early on. But Heather had a clean record until she hit her forties – that’s when her “history of violence” began. Sometimes she appeared bruised in public. DUI’s started piling up and Heather reportedly punched her fiancée Jack Wagner in 2011, and the relationship ended. Plastic surgeon Dr Marc Mani was her boyfriend for awhile – we wonder if she beat HIM up! The latest victim was her high school sweetheart, who didn’t find the success she did after graduation. Chris Heisser served two years in prison for theft and fraud, and he told police that Heather attacked him and tried to bite off his nose. She turned her attack on police when they arrived and assaulted several officers while cursing a blue streak. How embarrassing for anyone who happened to be in her house. (daughter Ava?) Heather is the new poster girl for Violence Against Men.

Mug shot courtesy of Thousand Oaks Police Department



  1. This is so sad. The bottom line is Heather Lockleer was a huge star in the 80s. She was the first person to be in two television shows at the same time on different networks – DYNASTY and TJ HOOKER. She was the all-american beauty who appeared in many tv shows and movies. It sounds to me like she is having a hard time getting older in a city where youth and beauty are paramount. What has she done lately? Because of her youthful good looks she was wanted for so many projects but now she is middle age and having a hard time. I remember seeing her in Anaheim, California at a MADONNA concert in 1987 and she was so sweet and friendly and smiling to anyone who recognized her. She was at the height of her fame. I hope she gets some help in dealing with her issues. Such a shame. Never in a million years did I think this woman would end up like this.

  2. Thank you for sharing your Heather Locklear story, George Will. I feel so bad for HL. I hope she gets better. This is no life, from prior arrests, this seems like it’s been going on for at least a decade.

  3. It’s not fun to see someone’s life fall apart. She’s flirting with death and it appears her family is trying to help her. She has money and resources the average person doesn’t so I hope she uses them to get some long-lasting help.

  4. Clearly she has demons. I feel sorry for her. Hopefully she will get the help for her addiction(s) she needs.

    That mugshot is going to follow her around like Nick Nolte’s follows him…

  5. The length some Method-y actresses will go to–to “research” a role!

    Apparently Heather is determined to bring her TJ Hooker update to the Big Screen. ;D

  6. Hopefully she will now be forced to get the help she needs.

  7. In the wake of Hurricane Heather, the meltdown this morning of fellow 80’s-staple Tori Spelling has us wondering whether Valerie Bertinelli is also preparing to run amok.

  8. I hope she can get the help she needs and back on track with her life.

    I bet this talented woman could tell some stories about the big studio bosses & casting couch deals made in this town. As beautiful as she was in the last 3+ decades, you know she had to encounter some bad men (and women). In some cases, people become just as bad or worse. You know that would take a lot of a person’s quality of life too.

    I’m sure she does have her share of demons and I hope she is able to conquer them.

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