There’s nothing we like better than a celebrity making fun of another celebrity. Napolean Dynamite‘s Haylie Duff and a girlfriend were browsing in Beauty Collection in Sherman Oaks when they came upon a display of Jessica Simpson‘s clip-on hair extensions. Haylie squealed “Will you look at that POUT in every picture – trying SO hard to look sexy!” and she stuck out her lower lip and mimicked Jessica’s mouth. They both laughed and Haylie picked up a shank of the fake hair and held it to her head “How could she put her NAME on something like this?” “For the MONEY, that’s how!” the friend informed her, as they walked away giggling.


  1. p.s. none…that’s n-o-n-e of the magazine coverage on the extension line was paid for. it was all in conjunction witha story on Jessica, magazine coverage, good journalism and or a press release – including the pies in WWD. Thanks for your efforts.

  2. Wow!
    We love Hedda, even if a bit more tea is spilling into the saucer these days.
    Just gossiping you know.
    You like typing, don’t you!

  3. Hey Patrick – no disrespect intended toward the beloved Hedda. S’all good… I’m just tired of comments without anything to back it up and I like to see people be accountable to their statements. Calling someone vulgar and tacky who never did you harm is wrong and we shouldn’t allow it.

  4. Sure, but isn’t gossip about either chucking shit OR loving up the stars who have allowed themselves to become public domain.
    Hedda has every right to those OPINIONS!
    Wrong headed or not, is YOUR opinion. You have that right.
    Keep it short and light.
    That’s my opinion.

  5. Then?
    How do we play gossip?
    If you can’t go off all wrong headed do a little mean mouthing, where’s the fun.
    At 250 million and ^, do you think Jessica gives a rip what people say.

  6. DAMN.
    now that is obsession.
    girl, you deserve a PhD in Jessica Simpson.

  7. I’m all for short and light when gossip isn’t hateful, demeaning, degrading and insulting. That’s not gossip, that’s cruelty…

  8. I love Janet! I have watched her since she was on the Gossip Show on E!. She reports gossip without the hateful stuff and tearing people down.

  9. I do not have an unhealthy obsession about my daughter, Jessica. It is quite healthy, thank you.

  10. I do not have an unhealthy obsession about my daughter, Jessica. It is quite healthy, thank you.

  11. Dayum, who woulda thought Jessica Simpson could spark such lengthy, deep intellectual discussion.

  12. At least Jessica’s working and not just living off her sucessful sister.

  13. haylie duff shud shut the fuck up..im seriously no big fan of jessica’s..but seriously, haylie duff? puh leeeze..such a tag along..her sister is a million times more mature..she wouldnt even be known if it wasnt fo hilary. and thats the truth . now she starts bitching bout miss trout pout jesica simpson?hah! haylie has dick for a nose…

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