When Hayden Pannetierre was going out with Ukrainian boxing champ Wladimir Klitschko, we confess we wondered what she saw in the 6’6” behemoth. Bigtime boxers have plenty of money, but usually not a lot of sense. We were surprised to learn that 35 year old Wladimir is part of a new breed of fighters. They’re not poor guys from the wrong side of the tracks, but educated and cultured. Besides being easy on the eyes, Klitschko speaks five languages and he earned a PHD at Kiev University in 2001. Now THAT’S what we call a well rounded athlete.


  1. Maybe she is attracted to fighters because of her fathers abusive reputation towards her mother. She was probably trying to intimidate him with this big hulking Russian dude. Just didn’t seem to me that they ever made a physically attractive pair.

  2. He has been dating her since 2009. He is the longest reigning heavyweight champ{2001}of all time. He is deadly. A devastating right cross.
    I do believe Mike Tyson in his prime would have annihilated Klitschko, but not easily.
    I wonder if he watches Hells Kitchen?

  3. @Patrick

    “I wonder if he watches Hells Kitchen?”

    Your killing me. LOL!!!!


    “Besides being easy on the eyes…”

    I must be looking at a different photo. Klitschko has a sly and shifty appearance to me. Nothing attractive about this guy but his talent and paychecks.

  4. I wouldn’t want to be on this dude’s bad side if he ever got mad and starting slamming things, a la Mike Tyson.

    And Hayden seems to always have a man, some man, any man, she just always gotta have a man. And she is making the most of her tiny cleavage. Implants next?

  5. Casonia Sade Logenberry..Crazy Fan of Hells kitchen with Chef Ramsay and it is the Boldness and the abusive talk that attracks me to the show..But in real life no one ever talks to me that way.!!!! says:

    Mr Fhaydens is Smart and strong and has his head on straight and has goal and most of all a wonderful woman and a great relationship and…!!!!I just want to wish him and well and hope he has the most incredible life and may his days be wonderful.

  6. @Casonia

    Greetings and good afternoon. 🙂

    Dear, you are back to your old habits. Try using a period (.) to end your sentences instead of running them together. More people would understand what you are saying if you use at least some punctuation.

    Also, Klitschko and Hayden broke up in May (2011).

  7. I’d date him. He’s perfect. But I’m just over five feet with lots of grey 🙁

  8. Klitschko would’ve easily handled Tyson. Tyson was overrated and would get slapped around by a boxer puncher like klitschko. Just look at what Lennox Lewis and Holyfield did to Tyson.

  9. The World is asking “Who on Earth is Hayden Pannetierre”

  10. I don’t think he’s at all “easy on the eyes”. Looks like a big dumb jock or something.

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