Who ARE these people? Protesters from the institution that calls itself the Westboro Baptist Church held up their hateful signs along the route that celebrities took to the Oscars in Hollywood. We’re surprised nobody lost it and jumped out of their limo to pick a fight. As revolting as they are, this is a free country, after all.

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  1. Like all fanatics you simply cannot engage them as nothing meaningful will come of it. Their world is shrinking more with each passing year. Eventually their ignorance will entice them into an action that is not protected by the bill of rights. Then karma will wipe them out.

  2. Where do these “people” get the money to travel and spew their hate?

  3. Many of their “members” are attorneys. They sue people to support their mental illness and hatred.

  4. ask @ Strom, or Shree lynee (sp?), it’s their people, perhaps they’ll have an insight, naw, not likely.

  5. well, at least they’re right about F*ggots.
    ……..the rest is scary to see.

  6. More proof the world is full of retards. So mister baja, how about more lube tonite?

  7. Poor little Luka, filled w/ hate.

    They have the right to protest just like the amnesty enablers and those who want all guns to disappear.

    Seems time and money could better be spent elsewhere.

  8. God detests the act of homosexuality which HE deems as sin. God HATES sin. Their signs are wrong.

  9. it certainly seems as if I’ve stumbled upon a festival of intolerance and stupidity, what a dismal group of posters

  10. Stumble might be an appropriate word…its not about the posters!

  11. xyz, you need to examine your use of “retards.” Very offensive and displays your own ignorance and lack of sensitivity. Although I think they are a ridiculous bunch of people, WBC has the right to publicly make utter fools of themselves in the manner they chose. So sad to harbor so much misguided hate.

  12. I can’t even get mad at them because they’re so ridculous. Sad to see children pushed to the forefront of their parents beliefs

  13. I agree that children should not be used to advocate any pressure group position.

  14. True

    or children taught that Gay is OK, and the accepted way!

    Also very sad

  15. And where did you learn your unique brand of intolerance, Strom?
    Was it learned through personal experience or developed by parental proxy? Are you a product of racist parenting or just an undiagnosed person with a personality disorder and a misguided axe to grind?
    A little of both perhaps?

  16. Or, better yet, how many were infected w/ AIDS or Herpes during the Oscars?

    Gays, Lesbos, and Trannys; Proud and out and about!

  17. Strom, indeed, gay is okay and is AN accepted way. Do tell, what troubles you about this and why?

  18. No being gay is forced upon us to accept the “act of homosexuality”. If you disagree on this lifestyle you are vilified and condemned. This is what troubles the majority of the people. You may think your opinion about homosexuality is the norm, I am convinced people are too scared now to really let their true feelings be known.

    People know I come on public blogs and voice my disagreement with the gay lifestyle and warn me I could be tracked and “dealt” with.

  19. i think what you’ll find, if you actually think,

    is that, what “troubles the majority”, is much more likely the pathetic delusion of race superiority, race and gender hatred, and the broad, moronic, featureless bigotry expressed by idiots like Mr. Strom, XYZ, susiserb and sherrilynee.

    truly failures all, as citizens, and as people, piss off

  20. I agree that those folks certainly are pathetic, but piss-off seems extreme, be fair especially when you’re right :-}

  21. Remember…this is where you come just before you take your shower.

  22. Poor little McW, full of spite!

    No, gay is not ok for a young child, it just allows pervs like MJ a new supply. You want your daughter to spend the night with Ellen?
    You want your son to go out with a tranny?
    You want your daughter to be Hillary’s PA?

    The gays have their legal rights and these protests are probably about money but they deserve no special treatment, otherwise.

  23. Strom, my daughter’s best friend is a pre-op female-to-male transgender. He is smart, funny and sensitive. I am delighted they are friends.

    What on earth makes you think that Ellen or Hillary would make a play for my daughter merely by sharing space with her? Do you go after every woman/man (don’t know your gender) who shares space with you? You must be very busy pursuing all those conquests.

  24. susieserb, the term “gay lifestyle” cracks me up. Would you reduce the term “heterosexual lifestyle” in the same way? Does it accurately represent the sum and whole of who you are, how you live your life day to day and your contributions to society?

  25. Did the tranny become a boy because she fellllllllllt he was really a boy? Will the public end up paying for the operations and mental therapy involved? He isn’t a boy no matter what the PCers say and it might simply be that she/he was looking to take what she/he thought was the easy way out of a situation.

    What is next…you want to be cat or a tree and the public must accept that?

    Sorry I don’t buy and these experiments usually happen and are more frequent in societies that are more socialist and less focused on individual success.

  26. You’re absolutely right, Strom. My daughter’s friend has always presented as male, as young as toddlerhood. He has never identified with being female. And no, the public is paying for none of his procedures and counseling.

    What “situation” are you talking about? I don’t understand this at all.

    I don’t jump on the oh-so-scary “what next?” “where does it end?” bogeyman bandwagon. It’s merely an alarmist tactic that diverts attention from the immediate subject at hand. Oh, no, the sky is falling!

  27. It’s not about posters and I don’t know the situation or have a vote on the subject but I would never say that it is ok for Mary to say she is now Harry and the world will comply. Parents are responsible for their children, some try hard and some don’t. It has nothing to do with and very few people really hate.

  28. try to stay on topic Mr. Strom, your posts seem well, super creepy again. come on dude, tone it down, it’s offensive, not funny or insightful, try to comment on the topic ok ? and not on your own strange obsessions all the time.

    I noticed on the demi lovato posting, you held conversations with mail and ad bots, as if they were human, thats not a good sign Strom.

    you hop from hate to hate, its terribly sad, this weeks it’s lesbians, the next it’s gay men, black women, jews, hispanic women, you seem to really hate women ? what’s with that ? come on, check your posts.

    That level of hatred is well, sick, try to get some help, find a friend to have coffee with. do something more meaningful than sitting there hating everything, everyday, arguing like a angry or frustrated child.

    it’s really sad man. get help, just a phone call, get in touch with your church, a health service, a hotline, there are people out there to help you, give it a try, good luck !!

  29. Your wasting your time there Sharon, Herr Strom is all the way inside his delusions, and isn’t, ever, coming out. He prefers the hate, to actually having human relations, it’s so much easier.

  30. Everyone, just give it up. No one’s opinion regarding gays will ever change. Gays feel even stronger about being gay and straights feel even stronger about this being a sin.

    What matters now is that Michelle Obama is going on yet another 10-day trip at taxpayer expense. That is of course to China and going along are her mom and the 2 girls, not to mention many many assistants, secret service, use of Air Force One. five star hotel, etc. All told, experts estimate the cost to be about $15-$20 million. Clean out your pockets once again. Do you care about this?

  31. These hate-mongers have caused more death & human suffering during the past 2000 years than any other group or institution!

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