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Winona Ryder’s missing diamonds. As you may know, Winona was invited to a French event sponsored by Marie Claire magazine and they loaned her a dress and a Bulgari diamond bracelet and ring to wear. The $125,000 worth of diamonds turned up missing and at first it was erroneously reported that Winona claimed she left them in the hotel’s safe before she left the next day. Now, according to TMZ, Winona says she left the dress and diamonds in her hotel room because no one from Marie Claire came to fetch them. She left on an early morning flight. The dress was found in the hotel room but not the diamonds. First of all, we can’t figure out why Bulgari would lend diamonds to a convicted shoplifter and not assign a guard to follow her around. Second, is Winona really dumb enough to leave diamonds behind in a HOTEL ROOM? We think not. So far, police have not contacted Winona. Will she get away with this?



  1. Good luck trying to find someone in Hollywood who is surprised by this news.
    Winona’s theft problem is a pathology. Without an active and intensive approach to treatment, she is headed for a big crash.
    And it won’t be pretty. As the judge in her felony trial said, “If [Winona] steals again, she’s going to jail.”
    Twenty years from now they’ll be casting about for a young gamine actress to play the role of Winona in the tragic story of her life.

  2. It’s obvious that she’s mentally ill, but you gotta admit she gives great entertainment value!
    My cousin swears that she saw Wino being interviewed on TV before one of the awards shows, and there was a mangled security tag clearly hanging from her designer dress, LOL!
    Given her history, this latest caper does make you wonder whether she’s up to her old tricks again…unless this is some kind of insurance scam perpped by Joe Bulgari. Think of it:
    You give the formerly A-list actress (now widely known as one of the world’s foremost thieves) GLASS COPIES, knowing that Wino believes they’re the real deal, that she will be photographed wearing them, and also knowing that chances are very good that after the event, the jewels will be returning with Winona to LA.
    When they show up missing — as you expected they would — you call the cops and the insurance people.
    And since Wino has every reason to deny the theft, she gets to keep her shiny fakes and Bulgari gets some cash!

  3. Why even deal with her….she is both a thief and jewish…a very tainted combination for a sponsor.

  4. I tend to believe this post because there must be some reason why such a beautiful and talented actress finds it so hard to get work, especially when talentless tramps that are frequently snapped drunk and pantyless are in regular employment. Oh, and Moshe? Go back to your cross-burning, Adolf.


  6. She’s a wack job. Of course she took the diamonds. Maybe she was so tripped out on pills she doesn’t remember taking them.

  7. This incident did not have to hit the gossip columns, Ryder ought to have wrote a check to make this go away.
    This is not good for the old image.

  8. Well, if things heat up for Winona in this case, I suspect that some hapless personal assistant will suddenly remember that she “accidently packed” the missing diamonds.
    Winona’s people have been covering her tracks for years. But the fact that Bulgari has gone public is surprising. It means there has been ZERO cooperation from Winona — other than her standard denial of course.

  9. She’s just a thief who cannot help herself. Her career is shot to hell and that doesn’t help in her pilfering ways.

  10. More “research,” eh?
    In the unlikely event that she should be hired to play an International Jewel Thief, Winona will be very believable in the role.

  11. I think the “theory” is right on. Ryder’s people had to contact Bulgari and make all the arrangements, picking out the jewels. There must have been a lot of contractual agreements about where, when etc to deposit the jewels. Winona just disregarded it all and walked off with them. Bulgari should have/could have given her fakes. Wouldn’t you?

  12. She is cunning and devious and demonic spirits have her mind f****d up royally. Anyone that ‘lends’ her stuff to wear is even crazier than she is and they deserve to be robbed. She needs mental counseling and at least 2 years jail time for present and past offenses.

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