After 11 years of wedded bliss, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin are going to take a chance and turn their lives into a reality show. Their newly minted series, called “Harry Loves Lisa” has been picked up by TV Land and will air in the fall. Their daughters Amelia and Delilah will be featured in the family “docudrama” and most likely Lisa’s store Belle Gray will be part of the action. Funny, it doesn’t look like the girls inherited the family lips.

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  1. ANOTHER reality show? It’s official, all the good writers have left Hollyweird. It’s a sign your career is totally in the toilet if you have to air all your dirty laundry on a weekly show.

  2. There was a time when “professional” stars
    intentionally kept their children out of the limelight.It was a rare occasion that you even saw what an actor/actress child looked like.Now these children are thus into our living rooms,and the public have too much assess which make the children end up being ridiculed and examined by the general public,
    an examination that they may not be prepared for.Let your children be children in private.

  3. Wow! That kid on the left sure missed out on the genes when they were passed out! Chunky legs and Jay Leno’s face! Wonder who she was bangin’ to produce THAT little munchkin?

  4. The girls didn’t “inherit the family lips”. I have heard Lisa Rinna say twice on separate talk shows that she always had fairly big lips, but that she got them plumped up, and they were plumped too much. I guess the girls inherited other features though……..pity.

  5. I’ve seen her in some things before the lips and they werent big at all, doesnt she realize as an actress we have photos and film to prove they are lying? In fact she was pretty but looked very different and I didnt realize it was her at first. Janet why dont you print the photos to prove these assholes are lying? Harry had a good career, what the hell happened to him? Besides Nicolette Sheridan I mean.

  6. since when has balloon lipped Lisa Rinna and whatever the heck her husbands’ name is even been re motley relevant in Hollywood?? She’s a fame-whore nobody, and he an old hassss been from back in the mid 80’s who could not find work if it was thrown at him. And sorry, but their daughter on the left standing by her dad is ugly as sin, she looks like stocky legged jay leno with a rumer willis shaped head. (paraphrasing another poster.) She will give the aforementioned rumer wills and tori spelling a run for the ugly “celebrity” spawn someday. The other one is a little doll however.

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