Halle Berry’s new movie “Frankie & Alice” is her baby – it took her many years to get it made and she has high hopes that her performance will be noticed by the Academy. It takes place in the 70’s and the first scene in an LA go-go club features Halle as a stripper in a sexy fringe costume gyrating to Marvin Gaye music. Good start. Too bad the story degenerates into hokey psychobabble about so-called “multiple personality disorders” which seemed to flourish in the middle of the last century. The absurd psychological situation allows Halle to act like several people, but it’s very hard to take with a straight face. The acting is earnest but the premise is so silly the actors are wasted. Halle deserves a better script.


  1. Janet, I don’t believe scripts are forced on actors, rather actors pursue projects based on scripts. If Halle makes bad decisions perhaps it’s Halle that needs a brain transplant?

  2. halle berry is SO over rated. anyone see Perfect Stranger with Bruce Willis and Giovanni Ribisi and her?? SHE SUCKED in it… there was the end of one scene where all she had to do was laugh for gods sake and she couldn’t even do THAT and be convincing…

    she has made ALL her money off her revlon contracts/print and TV ads after she won the oscar…..she just is NOT a good actress. she’s a face with a body and that is how she really makes her money…

    just MY opinion i guess…

  3. HFS! I totally agree with the last two comments.

  4. I agree also. Berry is not a great actress, and is way too vanilla to coast on being an actress of color.

  5. Since Halle produced the movie one would assume she was happy with the script. Surely she can’t be as bad as she was in ‘Catwoman!’ I think her big mistake was letting word get out that she considered this latest performance Oscar-worthy. It’s better to let Academy members who see her in screenings talk about her rather than she talk about herself. Now she’s set up impossibly high expectations that will probably mean no nomination.

  6. I could never stand the highly over-rated beeatch. ALL her movies suck and the men she dates are mostly scum-bags. And scum-bags are all she has ever had in her skanky life.:)

  7. Indy, I want to disagree, and chastise you for your beeatch comment, but I think I agree.

    Compare Halle to Thandie Newton. There is something about Halle that seems cast a long shadow. There is something grim and dead about her regardless of her role. Thandie, on the other hand, sparkles and shines, and when a role is severe and serious, delivers by turning her normal state on its ear.

  8. Maybe that says something about being mixed-race in America as opposed to Britain.

  9. Halle Berry is a very pretty woman, but her acting is not that good, and her attitude isn’t that much better.

  10. C’mon people there must be a reason such a beautiful woman cannot keep a man. Gimme a break… I find her cute to look at but she can’t act and must be major annoyance behind the closed doors. The way she is throwing herself at her latest squeze, what’s his face… that French dude… that’s just pathetic! He is major womanizer and I wouldn’t give him 5 min of my life. Brain transplant that’s what she needs.

  11. Jerry D, I had no idea she was producing it. LOL, that explains! Ahhh I better be nice….

  12. Watching Britney Spears melt down a few years ago and occasionally nowadays..that’s all the “Frankie & Alice” I needed to see!!

  13. Janet likes movies about people eating each other, so this one might be a winner. Give it a chance. And, Halle Berry can act.

  14. The enablers will call it racist but she doesnt have the brains for more than a line or two. Still, she could win an award because the judges will be afraid of being called racist if she isnt given preference!!

  15. SebCan, I agree about Thandie Newton, she is pretty darn good. I do feel a bit of sympathy for Halle in that she picked the wrong men who buffeted her around, one boxed her ear, leaving her 90% deaf in that ear.

  16. Nothing says Oscar nod like a tormented stripper with multiple personality disorder.

  17. Notice Halle was too lazy to play a Fugly or Fattie. So she had to do the multiple personality thing. If you can’t provide quantity literally, the you have to do it figuratively.

  18. Note the sign on the bench. Area code 323 did not exist in the 70’s in LA.

  19. [I agree also. Berry is not a great actress, and is way too vanilla to coast on being an actress of color.]

    Stereotyping and generalizing all women of color…and that’s for bringing up the race thing.

  20. …and thanks for bringing up the race thing.

  21. Ah, now SQS is taking the high road.

    Still haven’t learned to spell my name, ‘tard.

  22. And btw, Berry brought it up first. She rides that MF horse at every opportunity.

  23. Was going to comment, then realized that Denise said it better than I ever could LOL.

  24. Halle can’t act. She’s a pretty face and nothing more. Even her oscar speech was fake and ridiculous.

  25. Casonia..Hells kitchen does not even know I am alive..Tax payers should pay big time the millionaires should pay 8% for every 100Thousand dollars they have in the bank and that way the world can take care of each other.. Cover up with CPS..They will not m says:

    I would have to see it and understand what your talking about and…She just wanted to try out something new and…This is a step up to show off her body and see her new shape after her daughter.

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