Halle Berry is asking for trouble. She’s pictured here walking around Paris looking awfully happy, with her “Dark Tide” costar Olivier Martinez, his dog and her friend Salma Hayek and her daughter. Halle and Olivier finished their movie, Halle flew back to LA for a week and then returned to Paris to see Olivier. Trouble is, the charming Martinez is something of a playboy and has romanced a number of famous women (including Kylie Minogue, Angelina Jolie, Mira Sorvino, and models Elsa Pataky and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.) Odds are not in Halle’s favor for a long term relationship, so hopefully she’s keeping that in mind.


  1. Obviously the gals say, for a good ride call Ollie. Maybe one of the other ladies actually gave Halle his number, and measurements.

    At the risk of getting nasty “gay” comments from the Captain and Strom, check out photos of this guy (and his crotch is included in pictures more than usual) – he is packing. Nuff said.

  2. Good thing you do not have the same problem, Captain. I am sure you have blacks guys at your back door all the time. Know what I mean? Know what I mean? Say no more! Say no more! Nudge. Nudge. Wink. Wink…or, rather, Wank. Wank.

  3. Captain got the caffine going didnt he. Well as said Halle is no prize in the brains dept and while she is a pretty lady at trimes you can see her costume here shows much less than class. I know nothing of Oliver but her previous b/f was probably a much better match (except for the color).

  4. That’s not very nice. You know nothing of Halle Berry to say that comment. She has dated plenty of black men before she publicly started dating white men.

  5. Is it a damn shame that everytime a black women appear strom you appear with racist comments. That we all are use to, but Captain you have gone a little to far with you shit and you need to back the fuck off. I one of those people who says there isn’t racists like there use to be, well I think I might be wrong. It’s a sad day when you that loaded down with hate for another races and gays that you sound like an idiot. By the way strom, most of your comments do apply to white women too.

  6. By the way strom, nothing to say about Jenny McCartney or Sarah Jessica Parker.

  7. Nothing racist about what I said,,,you must be an enabler or have a chip on your shoulder.

  8. Uhm, Strom, what you are saying is extremely racist. You talk about Berry being black, yet her mother is white. She is mixed-race, or – using this term to prove a point – half-caste. Therefore, logically, she can date black, white, or half-caste men.

    You are applying the one-drop rule, which these days is only the domain senile and twisted racists.

  9. strom and captian america are the SAME TROLL. Used to be gerald vanderberg … I’ve been lurking and a fan of Janet’s for ages …


  10. and you are a fool because I am not any of the above. But no doubt you ARE a lurker.

  11. I agree with Mel, both Strom and the captain are one and the same. Strom/Captain is most likely a person confined to chair 24/7, has a brain injury, and posting crap on celebrity web-sites is his only outlet.

  12. “captain america” you are a JACKASS. You need some serious therapy, and FAST.

    Those of you who say that Janet should not allow this on her site are unrealistic. This is the kind of crap that goes on everywhere and on a daily basis. This is the kind of stuff that plants the seeds for wars. Same mentality. By sweeping it under the rug does not help matters at all. Just wish garbage like this “captain america” would show his nasty face instead of being a snake in the grass. Takes a big person to sit behind a computer screen and spew racist vomit. Whatever makes you feel superior I suppose. You are obviuosly an uneducated person who has been raised by a messed up family.

  13. I did not believe it before, when Reta pointed it out, but she and you all are right, they are one in the same. They guy thinks he is playing some devilish headgame with us all. Pathetic.

    And Strom, you suggest that Berry stick to black men, or is doing something wrong by being with white men. What is that about then?

  14. Martinez is very attractive.

    “Strom” is a kkkunt.
    “KKKaptain AmeriKKKA” is a KKKUNT!

  15. Where is the love?? A few years ago Halle was on Oprah telling the audience how much she wanted a child,even going so far as to let it be known that she would accept Nate Burkus’ (who is**known to be gay) sperm in a cup to get pregnant.Halle met Gabriel Audrey and had a long term relationship with him, and zipzip harray,she got pregnant with Nahla. By all indications while Halle is traveling the globe with her lover Olivier, Gabriel is at home being Mr. Mom to Nahla. I know that Halle has so often been dealt a bad hand in the romance department,but her daughter is only 2 years old, apparently loves Garbriel as her dad, and does not need to be introduced so soon to Mommy’s newest boyfriend. Hopefully,Nahla will continue to have the parental security that Gabriel is showing her as a father,and Halle will remember how much she wanted to be a mom. Olivier appears to be the type of Don Juan who needs a lot of attention from the women in his life,which may not include the reality of a small child in the picture.

  16. Leo, I agree. You forgot one other thing:

    Even though Halle has had some bad relationships, and the details have been TMZ-worthy, she is generally not tabloid fodder. She does not party and make a fool of herself. And I don’t recall anyone complaining about her being a prima donna or bitch.

    She does seem to have set up a good relationship with the father of her child, and is having a bit of fun with Martinez. I think harsh criticism is due to two details about Berry. 1) she is “black” and 2) she is not one of these phoney stars who pretends to be a regular person – she quitely enjoys the lifestyle her career has afforded her.

  17. Leo is closer to correct…Halle had many a man cheat on her but there seems to be a reason for it. She has many screws loose but usually keeps them private.

  18. To all: Captain America IS Gerard Vandenberg, this is a fact. He used to go under his real name but then switched to this cap’n Asshole months back. I could tell immediately it was the same person because there are certain things that he says regularly that are a dead givaway.

    Strom is NOT Gerard Vandenburg, and I hate to say it, but you can tell because this Strom charactor speaks a little more completely and concisely. True, they sound related in that they are BOTH racists and gaybashers, extremely one-note probably due to severe brain damage by being dropped repeatedly on their heads when born. I would truly love to make matters worse with a rather large mallet to their foreheads if they wound do us the honor of stepping forward into the light for a change, but alas, that may cause them to spontaneously combust, so one can only hope, eh?!

  19. Reta, did you ever think that Strom and the Captain are one, but they are two distinct personalities, or that the Captain is a role that Strom “plays”?

    I have noticed that neither Strom’s nor the Captain’s patterns (grammar, aggression, etc.) are consistent, and sometimes they cross. I also believe they/he have masqueraded as other posters.

    I am not arguing one way or another, just offering up some theories.

  20. Trolls are cowardly freaks no matter what they call themselves.

    Captian America
    Gerald Vanderberg

    Yes I pleasure-read gossip blogs aka lurking, so? I never TROLL. One can tell over the years the ‘voice’ of a writer and this TROLL has been keeping pretty damn busy over the years.

  21. Halle was verbally and physically abused by her father. She refuses to seek help. Therefore, she always chooses men that continue the cycle.

  22. Olivier isn’t a playboy. The man’s 44 years old and has had something like 5 girlfriends that I know of. How many people get to be 44 years old without accumulating a few failed relationships? Ditto for Halle. I think they look great together and hope it works out for them.

  23. Mandy, I agree with you and right, Halle is in therapy. Which is why I think she didn’t marry her baby’s father.

  24. I remember seeing Gerald Vandenberg on other sites and the captain’s writing are the same. Wow!

  25. As to the above (thoughtful) comments about Halle and her poor romantic track record, I would like to add that I think HB is very good at getting her stuff swept under the rug. The accident she had was pretty major, and it was NOT in the news and she was never charged……that takes some skill.

    I think she’s beautiful, I think she’s been honest about her struggles with her mixed race identity and her romantic problems. Basically, I think HB is kind of a mess and keeps it well hidden.

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