Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

THIS is a fashion family. Gwen Stefani is rocking a fitted leather jacket and drop crotch harem pants. Little Zuma is keeping warm in a colorful plaid jacket and lime green pants. Trailing behind is Kingston in his tiny motorcycle leather jacket and Harley Davidson boots.



  1. They got their mother’s fashion sense and her fondness for peroxide obviously.

  2. She looks so silly. I know she fancies herself a cutting edge fashionista, but really, it’s not attractive. Let’s just tell her in a nice way that the emperor has no clothes.

  3. Pretentious Idiots infested with global-elitist propaganda crap and lifestyle yet promoting mass-produced overpriced wear once and throw away goods..

  4. I love fashion just as much as the next girl, I have even helped dressed celebrities, but this pants are not just ridiculous; they are plain stupid looking. they always look like someone took a crap and its just sitting in their seat. disgusting. sometimes trying to be too fashionable makes some one look stupid and pathetic. gwen ur 50 grow up.

  5. I agree the kid is much too old to have a bottle still! And those pants look beyong rediculous! How can anyone even WALK with that pile of cloth bagging and dragging between their legs? It must feel like she hasn’t finished pulling up her pants! How colossally STUPID!!

  6. Those pants r sooooooooooooooooooooooo ridiculous! Looks like u got a load of sh!t in there! Those type of “pants” need to stay in the MC Hammer era! There’s fashionista & then there’s shitinista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Recently heard that she’s a raging beyatch. She cannot sing for shit, she’s an autotune queen, saw her live once and she was waaay off key. Janet, question: Since you’re a boomer, why don’t you feature some of the older stars who don’t get much press? Even if it’s an old photo or item, just to break up the monotony of the same young stars you feature.

  8. To dye a child’s hair sets a child up for all kinds of immune system problems. I think she is so busy trying to look to cool for school rather then doing right by her son!

  9. What’s the difference between her pants and young guys walking around with theirs hanging down, with their butts hanging out? Now that looks like someone taking a dump, especially when they walk bowlegged to keep them from falling down around their ankles.

  10. weelllllll all our kids would look that good if we could afford leather jackets and boots worth hundreds of dollars, as another poster said it is pretentious!

  11. Casonia Sade Logenberry...Rude and ungrateful people on your show and are the men ever going to get there act together and really learn the menu and gather up the side and listen and work together as a team. Elisa is a good cook and too bad her personalit says:

    Two Beautiful Parent make great looking children and better late then never and between the both of them Talent that is pure and personality that truely rock from start to finish and I am really happy for her and she always looks great and fantastic after giving Birth and her shape just comes back right away and for some reason Gwen is looking more and more Beautiful as she gets older and her husband is more and more handsome and sexy as he gets older and the whole family looks incredible and wonderful. Beautiful family and lovely Parents.

  12. Casonia..Hells kitchen!Jennifer never lost one single pound in that place and she started to crumble and not pay attention to detail and was more silent then Tommy and I think Tommy is real cute and glad he is still there.. Who is going to Win? Hope it is says:

    Dear Gwen if you ever want to have more children just hire some one to carry it for you and your husband and your eggs and his sperm and allow some one else to do the 9 months instead of you.

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