Ricky Gervais, the rascal who made last year’s Golden Globes watchable, is returning this weekend and he explained some of his wisecracks in Esquire. Ricky closed the show saying “Thank you to God that I’m an atheist!” He clarified that it wasn’t just a matter of declaring his own beliefs, but of pointing out how narcissistic celebrities are in the spotlight. He was criticizing all those people who thank God because they won an award. Ricky figures that considering all the famine and wars going on in the world that it’s incredibly arrogant and egocentric for winners to think God went out of the way to help THEM. If indeed God exists, he has more important things to do. Let’s hope the God-thankers take the HINT. We’re looking forward to the 2012 Globes.



  1. I loved Ricky before he became so famous. Then after he was huge in the US, I felt he became too arrogant and stopped following him. I do however, agree 100% with what he said about celebrities thanking God. That is just ridiculous to think God blessed them with millions and lets children starve.

  2. Ricky was saying what everyone was thinking. Please, Ricky don’t let us down!

  3. I agree with all above comments. I also love his other show, “Idiot Abroad”!! Very entertaining and informative as well.

  4. I agree with him as well. Sometimes it comes across as it was God’s will for the others to lose. You want to thank God for guiding you, loving you, etc. fine. But God isn’t knocking down others so that you can win an award or a game, pageant….

  5. Love him, love his work, but I hope he makes this next Golden Globes show fresh in some way … Enjoyed the insults last year, but if it’s exactly the same it’ll get old quickly.

  6. Thank GAWD for comedians who say it like it is including Bill Mahar, and Kathy Griffin. Bill’s movie “Religulous” was fantastic, funny, and thought provoking. He’s not afraid to say exactly what’s on his mind and neither is Ricky. You can’t be afraid of the God Pushers..they can’t zap you with a curse after all. it’s all what I’ve believed my whole life, “God” is not sitting “up there” listening to all your blubbering requests and granting blessings on these chosen few while damning to holy hell on earth millions of children, mothers, animals to horrible suffering and pain and starvation, diseases and wars (usually brought on by stupid religious differences).

    My roommate “prays” before even drinking a glass of waterand it blows my mind how stupid that is. I’ve sked him “you really think “God” has time to stop and bless your glass of water?” How self-centered!

  7. Gob in his water, REta!
    I’d like to thank God for this wonderful opportunity to post on Janet Charlton’s Hollywood.
    Than God the Christian Brothers never got a hold of me like they did other members of my family.
    God bless us everyone.

  8. I’m sure he will definitely be saying that on his death bed as he propells straight into Hell. He’s so clever?… The jokes on him.

    We need more God in our lives more than ever now!

  9. Ps. Dragon. Ever heard of the phrase “Grace of God”?
    These celebs lead a charmed life. They need humility and they are sadly mistaken if they think they did it in their own.

  10. Michael Jackson sang about it: heal the world.

  11. He’s he best thing that has happened to the golden globes since well forever.

  12. Hopefully Ricky can match or top what he said last year, and we can gleefully go over the fallout the following days.

  13. Atheists have the best brains. We need more of them in politics, as well as in show biz.

  14. Glad that Hollywood is full of Atheist and alot of the liberal politicians, but I’m a God fearing man and won’t push that on anyone, no more than I’d want Atheistism pushed on me.

  15. James 3:9
    With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness.

  16. The Scopes trial lives on at Janet Charlton’s Hollywood!
    Damnation and blashphemy.
    Repent ye sinners.
    Praise the lord and pass the donation bucket.
    Dig deep sinners…deeper…the lord likes money.

  17. It doesn’t matter if Ricky or ellen or Rosie or Whoopi or Santa’s elf hosts the show….it’s mostly fake and boring and waaay tooo looong.

  18. If ever a town needed GOD more than ever, it’s Hollywood.
    Notice the disturbing trend everywhere including the news constantly mocking or attacking people of faith, Christians in particular.
    We are living in very strange and difficult times.

  19. I can’t stand people thanking God for awards, as if they got the award because of their special relationship with God which is obviously a more intimate relationship than the one He shares with the other nominees!

  20. Judging from your post Patrick, It seems you have some “sheep” in your family unit, too?

  21. Yeah, Patrick, what Muffie said, got some black sheep in the family, like you?

  22. No Bluejay and Muffie. I am the only black sheep. My girls are very linear and nerdy.
    Dad provides the twisted laughs and balance.
    My reference to members of my family damaged by the church refers to the oldtimers. Gone but not forgotten.
    I have no patience with judgemental, religious types.

  23. I hear ya Parick! Those “judgemental, religious types” can be very frustrating people.

  24. I thank God to be living in America so I can openly thank God for anything I want to thank him for and not be persecuted or judged by ignorant people!
    Although I’m very curious why do people care about what other people thank God for, that’s between them and God.

  25. I love Jah Lord and I hate Obama. I can tell what the agenda is over at this site.

    later gaters. have fun. I am done.

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