We ventured out to see “Get Him to the Greek” thinking “Oh, a remake of “My Favorite Year”– how bad can it be?” Well, it’s not bad (although we have never been particularly fond of Russell Brand) – it’s actually TONS of fun! Russell Brand and Jonah Hill are perfectly cast, but it’s Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs who steals every scene he’s in! This is not a little movie – it has a huge cast and extravagant visuals, plus a great script. The excessive rock n roll scenes and party spectacles are realistic and laugh out loud funny. We think this will be Judd Apatow’s biggest moneymaker yet.


  1. going public with his FAGGOT-PERSONALITY attracts numerous other ANUS-PUSHERS!!

  2. I don’t know much about Russell, and I’m not a Jonah Hill fan, but I am mildly interested in seeing this movie. My husband, however is not…so I might have to sit in the theatre alone eating popcorn…

  3. Can somebody tell me what’s so special about Russell Brand? I get he’s more popular in his native Britain, but I don’t see what’s so appealing about him. He’s not even funny. I don’t find Jonah Hill funny either. And Sean Combs bugs the hell out of me.

    I think it’s time for Judd Apatow to find a new formula for his movies. His work has become cliche. Is there nothing original anymore? Stop with the remakes.

  4. Russell Brand is the funniest and brainiest comic working today. I fear Jonah and Diddy will pull down this film, but I appreciate your positive review.

  5. I see Brand as the ani-Ricky Gervais. Gervais has become rich and famous being generic, and appealing to the more and more dominant geek culture (play with the petty detail, don’t look at the big picture, and say that this is because you are more intelligent, or have “integrity”. Bull!). Brand takes off from where British comedy was before Gervais hijacked it. Brand was great in Sarah Marshal, but I think he was at his best in the St. Trinian’s film, playing an updated version of George Cole’s character.

  6. Diddy-Giddyup is a complete and utter ass and I wouldn’t pay a CENT to see him do anything! He is egotistical and completely untalented. And Russell Brand is NOT funny in any way shape or form. The times he has been on something I was watching I didn’t laught ONCE at anything he said and I just don’t get why he still even has a career he’s so lousy at being “funny”. The commercials for this horrible movie are NOT funny in any way and indeed I would think would actuall work AGAINST the movie in keeping people OUT of the theatre. I know it works that way on ME! You couldn’t PAY me to go see those losers!

  7. Brand looks like a throwback to the caveman era. This movie will flop, with Bugs Bunny bucktooth P-Diddy in it. phoooey.

  8. This movie looks soooooooooooooooo stupid! There is nothing more to say.

  9. Russell is ok. I liked Forgetting Sarah but this looks a lot funnier. I saw some of the teaser videos and Diddy is very funny. I’m not going to miss this.

  10. Please, do tell…what exactly did you SEE that was FUNNY???

  11. A movie for male adolescents, or those in their 20s who’ve not evolved. Katy Perry, what are you thinking?

  12. Have never been a fan of Sean Coombs and never will. Russell Brand is just not funny and he get’s on my last nerve. Will pass this one just like I did Sex and the City .

  13. Russell was on ‘The View’ today and he was so not funny. He so tried hard to be funny, but was not. He was overall just irritating. He DOES look like a neanderthal caveman, as someone above said. I hope Katy knows what she’s doing.

  14. Hate everyone involved with a passion. Especially that no-talent mouth breather idiot Puff Diddy. YOu’re really a shill Janet (with no taste!).

  15. He is a natural funny actor and he is some one that is always noticed in movies and He is really good at his craft and has a good sense of humor and I bet a real good friend once you get to know him and he seems kind and thoughful and really cares about the people around him.

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