Little did we realize that “Thelma & Louise” star Geena Davis has turned out to be an adamant feminist – and she’s DOING SOMETHING about the under-representation of women in movies. Geena established the Institute on Gender in Media to track the statistics of how women are portrayed in media. At a very early age we discovered that most comic books were about BOYS adventures and movies for kids were also boy driven. Geena realized this when she had a daughter of her own. She points out that the imbalance of men to women in entertainment has been the same since 1946! For example, in any crowd scene in a family movie, only 17 percent of the people are female! Naturally, the majority of speaking characters are also male. And it’s accepted as the norm. Geena’s institute gathers all the appalling statistics and we love her for it. How can little girls grow up feeling equal or superior to men if they aren’t exposed to good examples? Cheers for “Thelma!”


  1. It’s called parenting, Janet. Parents are what help little girls grow up to be good strong women. Not films, ya idiot. Feminism has absolutely done the opposite of what feminist said it would. Women aren’t men and to aspire to be like men just causes women to have more problems. Studies have shown they are more unhappy. RAdical feminists have actually done women a huge disservice!

  2. We don’t aspire to be “like men” Carlos. We just want to be treated equally when it comes to benefits, pay, credit, etc. Especially when we’re equally educated, capable and talented.

    I agree with the parenting comment. I have always encouraged my daughter to get her education (now a college senior) and earn her own way, but to demand equal treatment.

    Regarding the thread, props to Geena for trying to bring change to her industry.

  3. Geena is a man hater and her movies presented examples of nothing as a role model or actress and usually just lead women down a foolish path.

    Those that scream of mistreatment and demand reparations and Obama phones are not going anywhere in the long run.

    Why would I hire any prospective employee who “demands” anything other than a chance that he/she can be the best.

  4. Well, well, now, Strom can add “employer” to his list of “famous author.”

  5. Poor Blueie, no input on a thread but always ready to slander a poster.

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