Here are two delectable fashion moments from the past week that we didn’t want you to miss. Gwen Stefani is trussed up in her own plaid creation on the way to Christina Aguilera’s baby shower. We bet she gives awesome gifts. And Rihanna is showing her S&M side as she performs in concert in Europe.


  1. Women in Cheap rip-offs of a rebellious cultural craze!
    They are illiterate and have no modern culture or technical skills.

  2. Boy I am so into Rihanna! I love her video for Umbrella. The clothes in that video were hot, and whoever choreographed it is amazing! I just love love love her! And how fun does that baby shower sound? They are so boring usually but this one sounds fun. Gwen, we should all look like her after giving birth. And our husbands should look like her husband without his shirt on playing tennis!

  3. IMHO, Gwen would look so much better without that blackish/red lipstick applied with a heavy hand. Try pink…much better.

  4. I zoomed in to that picture of gwen and I just need to say this woman needs oral surgery to fix the most disgusting gums in history. wtf is wrong with her. love rihana hate this outfit.

  5. I’m sorry but what Rihanna is wearing is as hot as anything Madonna has worn! I’d wear that now, Wednesday night, to the Forge, and trust me Sharif would walk up to me, give me hug and a kiss, invite me to his table and tell me how amazingly hot I was or am. you get my point!

  6. how come gwens looks like a cheap xmas gift you dont want in that ridiculous costume of hers. can we say TACKY what is up with the shoulder pads.
    all together now: TACKY!

  7. Gwen is a classy person who is sexy because she dresses in a classy way. She leaves something to the imagination. I like her and that is much more then I can say about the underdressed crowd.

  8. Yikes !
    Those two have come up with a new name- “Trashion.”
    Clownish is NOT what the typical fashionista is into.
    One can express individuality without CONSTANTLY being a Glamour DON’T.

  9. I agree, sometimes gwen manages to pull it together for a red carpet bringing together her own interpretation of fashion but sometimes she is just a nasty mess. like in the picture above.
    I agree she is tacky.

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