It was a lot to hope for, but Heather Locklear and her new cleavage – (which does not thrill us) have not boosted the ratings on “Melrose Place” and things on the set are not going well. Insiders complained to The Enquirer that Heather is difficult to work with and missed several days due to illness that cost the show $600,000 because they had arranged to shoot at expensive locations. This is out of character for her – Heather has always been sweet and generous in the past, and we wonder if her earlier problems with prescription drugs are returning.


  1. I wish she would quit with the botox or whatever she keeps doing to her face, she’s starting to look abnormal. If she keeps it up, soon she’ll look like scary Meg Ryan, who used to be pretty.

  2. I’m so sick of the look of fake tits. They LOOK fake and not attractive at all. And YES her face DOES look strange. Something is off about it. Botox or something. It doesn’t look right and would definitely be a turn off for viewers. As for the so-called show, I wouldn’t watch that cheap soap opera if you paid me to. Talk about cheesy!

  3. Get your glasses cleaned Reta. Her rack doesn’t look fake in this picture angle.

  4. …………..they simply need me.
    THAT’s ALL, folks!!!!!

  5. Not only are the fake boobs soo over the top so is the fake everything else, and topping that is the brazilian which makes a woman look not like a woman.

  6. She looks amazing for her age, but it’s time for her to dress like a high-class 40-something – not a nubile 20-something.

  7. Never liked “Melrose”, Darren Star’s other series “Sex & the City” is much more amusing and insightful. The only thing he’s done I like.

  8. They definitely look fake, look like cow udders shoved together. They’re waaay bigger than they used to be. Does she think people don’t know what she USED to look like with her smaller fake tits?

  9. She bought some tits and f**cked up her face big time. Someone should tell her she is no longer a hottie. And, for sure drugs are causing her ever-changing personalities, from highs to lows to highs to lows…..

  10. It is hard to take notice of Heather’s acting skills on Melrose…..I cannot stop staring at her over Botoxed frozen face. Her wrinkles may be smaller but she has turned her face into a freak show. It has even affected the way she speaks. She now sounds like dentures will fly out of her mouth at any second. She appears to have a pulse but is lifeless at the same time.

    WTF ladies? wrinkles and a little age gives you character and is beautiful. All those FROZEN faces in LA all look alike (and not in a good way). Actors/Actresses are losing the very characteristics that have made them famous.

    I love Heather Locklear but if I had know she was to come back as a frozen/plastic looking robot I would have said don’t bother.

  11. This is Heather’s second breast augmentation. If you go back to Dynasty, she was quite flat chested. She had a face lift just before beginning her series where she was an LA Airport Exec, can’t remember the name of the show. Her face finally relaxed, not she’s a botox addict.

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