angeHands down, our three favorite (at least, the three least boring) outfits from the Emmys red carpet. We think Kyra Sedgwick looked amazing in that poufy whipped cream confection. Sandra Oh and Tyra Banks had character and pizazz.

12 thoughts on “EMMY GLAMAZONS

  1. Before the show, Sandra Oh was already singled out as “not working it” along with poor Cheryl Hines who didn’t deserve it. And today the venerable NY Post picked Tyra Banks’ incredibly cheesy misshapen dress as the worst! Kyra is better but overdone for a hot summer night. Your taste is up yer ass, although I do like your house.

  2. I was so horrified by the Skeletor-like appearance of Kyra Sedgwick, I forgot to put the “s” in looks, as in:
    Kyra Sedgwick looks . . . anorexic.

  3. I looked at the pics and though “those must be her picks for worst dressed” and agreed. Then I read your the text and my head ‘asploded.

  4. Janet…You are either blind…or your taste is up your ass

  5. I take back my comment that Cheryl Hines did not deserve to be trashed. That dress was too ornate and cheap looking. But I still love her and wish she’d won for “Curb”.

  6. I think Tyra looks like a drag queen. how come everyone is saying she looks great? her wig is lame and the dress is too old for her! BIG YUCK!!

  7. I can’t stand Tyra. She’s so fake and stupid. And her forehead is too wide and high and her face looks like a Martian. She should do what Linda Evangelista did and register at NYU for a few courses.

  8. Didn’t watch the show, but if these three dresses are the best, oh my. It must have been a horrific night on the red carpet. None of the dresses or actresses look good.

  9. Sandra Oh is one of the ugliest looking women I have ever seen.
    Kyra Sedgewick’s dress makes her look like the Southern belle she is.

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