Best surprise of the Emmy telecast was the reunion of the original Charlie’s Angels for the Aaron Spelling tribute. Thirty years have gone by and what a relief! The girls – Farrah, Kate and Jaclyn – are still knockouts!

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22 thoughts on “TRIUMPHANT RETURN

  1. They looked good, especially Jaclyn. Their speeches were a little weepy considering this man contributed so much crap to the public consciousness. I liked “Honey West” and “The Mod Squad” when I was a kid (neither of which has aged well) but the rest of his series were pure crapola. You would think he were some great auteur or genius the way they were going on.

  2. I was totally surprised- I thought it was heartfelt, emotional and classy. True respect for a colleague. The Emmy’s were great this year all around!

  3. The “angels’ look pretty good….Nice surprise! Jaclyn look amazing. I can only hope to be so lucky.

  4. They looked amazing. Nice tribute. I was pleasantly surprised that Farrah was able to read her part without goofing it up.
    I loved The Love Boat.

  5. the emmys past over aaron spelling and now they do a tribute? and serously that kate jackson looked like a transsexual. jaclyn smith looks amazing because she does what michelle ppfiefer does – little surgery every year. no dramatic changes.

  6. Jaclyn did look so amazing..the tribute was not well done tho Candy’s display of tears when the camera was on her was a good act..

  7. Jaclyn & Kate looked fabulous….and Farrah not quite as haggy as usual. Nice of them to put aside quibbles and get together for the tribute. Half the stars in H’wood wouldn’t be stars had it not been for Aaron.

  8. anyone notice that their hairstyles are still basically the same???
    farah’s face looks like a truck ran over it.

  9. Kate and her plastic cheekbones scared the bejesus out of me. Jaclyn looked great and I thought Farrah looked better than she’s looked in years. Still, I think they made way too much of a big deal about only 1 of his multitude of shows. Candy Spelling wiping her tears seemed so Hollywood (as her very own daughter sits no where near her. Wouldn’t you think the best tribute to her husband’s memory would be to work it out with his daughter? PFFT.

  10. What are you kidding? Jaclyn looked gorgeous and classy, Kate looked like she had the bejesus botoxed out of her cheeks, (but still better then Farrah), who looked so bad with all the plastic surgery she’s had….the nose ewwwww, and did she do it without any preshow snort…..I don’t think so, she was higher then a kite.

  11. Farrah Fawcett was not higher than a kite. All of the Angels looked great.

  12. Jaclyn looked the best because she is by far the richest of the three, from her endorsements and her deals with Kmart. she lives in one of the great mansions of LA, in Holmby Hills near Sunset.

  13. That crap in K-Mart sold? I can see Martha Stewart because her stuff is nice, but what I saw of Jaclyn’s was so cheap looking. Last thing I saw Kate Jackson in was a lame remake of “Satan’s School for Girls” for cable about 4 years ago.

  14. Kate’s awful in “Making Love” but so is everybody. It comes off as high camp today. And they wanted her for “Kramer v. Kramer” but Aaron wouldn’t let her or something.

  15. Wasn’t Farrah on the show for like one season? Maybe two? They should have had the girl who replaced her on the show out there on the stage, too.

  16. That would be Cheryl Ladd and she just didn’t have the star quality Farrah did. She wasn’t as well liked by the public either, she didn’t have the vulnerability Farrah has.

  17. They should have given Jaclyn a special Emmy for looking so beautiful. I can’t believe how amazing she looked for 60 or any age.

  18. You people need a serious dose of reality. Farrah is GORGEOUS, who cares what she’s had done. Nobody mentions the fact that her body looks like a 30yr olds and that gorgeous head of hair. The only time Farrah has EVER looked bad is when they doctor her photos for those hideous tabloid stories.

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