Hot on the heels of the successful ”Behind the Candelabra” Liberace story, we hear that a musical fantasy version of Elton John’s life called “Rocketman” is in the works. Historically however, life stories with the approval of the central figure are never as hot and juicy as those written by someone like Scott Thorson. Elton would like to see sexy actor Tom Hardy play him or perhaps Justin Timberlake. We think Adam Lambert might be the perfect choice. After Elton’s gone, maybe David Furnish will write a tell-all book and THAT’S the movie we’d like to see!


  1. Before some gay-basher has a chance to post, please make sure you’ve NEVER sang along to any of his great works.

  2. I thought Adam Lambert was a singer(and not a good one at that)?

  3. Wasn’t there already a flick made about him? Tantrums and Tiaras?

    An Elton John movie would rival a Kardashian Lifetime movie for my total dis-interest.

  4. A filthy, disgusting and immoral lifestyle should not be celebrated publicly for profit. What a disgrace.

  5. Im sure noone will ever utter a word about the countless children/boys he has abused over the years. He was linked to that scum of Savile btw. And no, I have nothing against him or gays, its just the truth….

  6. Why? It will be the same movie as Liberace’s, but with British accents and different locations.

  7. wow Janet what.. why are the only ones posting phobes???? People its 2013… are U aware???

    He was married to a woman for four years. he said he was bi sexual in 1976 and now he acts like he detests women.. I know U remember those days.. THAT is the story I am interested in..was the marriage sincere or a business arrangement? They married in 1984 divorced in 1988

  8. He wishes he looked like Tom Hardy.

    I’ve been a life long fan of his music and think a bio-pic is long overdue. Tantrums and Tiaras was a documentary by his husband which showed him in quite an unflattering light (read, quite the obnoxious ego).

  9. The psychos on this site!

    The VAST MAJORITY OF PEDOPHILES ARE STRAIGHT WHITE HETEROSEXUAL MEN!!! Check the stats (if any of you Cretins can read!) Seville was a HETEROSEXUAL. XYZ is Strom. Every species on the planet engages in same sex behavior. Anybody obsessed with gay behaviour clearly has supressed urges or they woulnt care what anybody was doing privately. The Bible is a work of fiction made up by a drug-taking hallucination cult in the middle east. Read the books on the Dead Sea Scroll translation book by John Allegro, PhD if any of you geniuses doubt that fact. Again, that is assuming you can read!

  10. we won’t get to see all the warts and good stuff till after he is gone and can’t stop it.

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