Elton John’s audience got more – or less- than they bargained for at his Million Dollar Piano show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace Friday. According to Norm Clarke, Elton seemed angry at his management team and cursed them out using x-rated language, suggesting that someone was getting “f—ing fired.” Four times he took a sip from a container of water and hurled it on the stage, splashing all over. Guys with mops came out each time to clean up. He started the show 20 minutes late and ended about 25 minutes early. Before he left he snarled and tossed his stool, and didn’t return for an encore. All this and tickets cost $80 to $700.



  1. Someone needs to smack this disgusting queen right across his big bald head. Vile old troll.

  2. Poor little rocket man!

    Maybe Sir Elton found out that the rumors about his wife cheating on him are true. I forsee an epic divorce battle on the horizon. Not to mention a huge custody fight. Those queen bitches fight a dirty fight!

  3. 800.00 to watch a queen throw a hissy fit is priceless.

  4. Homosexual men turn me on. Sir Elton can bitch all he wants! THE BITCH IS BACK, FOLKS!

    Because I am one, but I have to live my life in the shadows, closeted.

    Thus when my meds are off, I spazz and write racist crap.

    Glad you all forgive me!

    “I hope for a piece of ass for peace and change. I hope to find the strength to live as a gay man”

    -Strom forrest gump

    (Reject the imposters! I am the first, the one and the only! REFORMED RACIST)

  5. He’s paid his dues. Brought joy and memories to millions both gay and straight. He knows what works for him.

    …..it’s as simple as that!!

  7. I’d pay the 80.00 to watch him throw a tantrum and sing a few angry tunes. It would be interesting entertainment. lol


    yoyo, too funny! lol!

  8. the above imposter is an imposter. Elton is a jolly singer and should go to the island and to sing to his BLACK waka waka birdy!

  9. I used to love his music growing up, but am so over his temper tantrums I could spit.

  10. Poor little skanky imposter it can’t come up with anything on its own so tries to imitate but can’t do that either. Its much too busy attending commnity owganizing sessions and working as a call center gopher!

  11. I should stay out of this I know, but… Strom, I stop by here every so often and every time I do you’re still fighting the same battle.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

    Words for the truly wise to live by…

  12. That faggy old Strom “IMPOSTER” just NEEDS TO COME OUT, ALREADY!



    I swallow meds like a suck dick- QUICKLY

  13. Sounds like something is rubbing him the wrong way.

  14. It really seems like Elton John is short tempered this days and if he keeps going in this direction…People are going to stop going to his shows in the future.

  15. Start late and end early…Is not a good thing and if this happen again and again…The people from that state may not want to get a ticket in the future…This people come to see you Elton,Because you have a Gift of your Beautiful Voice and love to hear all the songs that you have created and if your not giving them what they want…Then next year your ticket sales are going to slip and those people you left hanging are simply going to pass on you all together.

  16. If you would had Hit some one by mistake…You could go to jail or better yet get Sued! If your in a Bad mood….Maybe you should take some time off and just chill and think about other things? Take some time off and just rest and De-stress?

  17. It seems to me? That your treating people like trash and that your taking people for Grated and your making them fear your company…Why do you talk down to people and make them do extra work that is not needed…I hope your going to be okay and just take care of yourself..A Fan for Life.

  18. he needs to go on hormone replacement therapy to curb those bitchy moods i think…..

  19. I wouldn’t pay one cent to go to one of his overpriced shows, but if I did, I’d demand my money back. Overpaid idiotic prima donna.

  20. I’ve seen him in concert and he’s worth every penny. A hissy fit would be the icing on the cake.

  21. Denise, I’ve seen him in concert several times (the first time in the 70’s) and his concerts are awesome. The voice is still the same and that amazes me.

  22. You are absolutely correct Walt although he doesn’t hit the high notes anymore on Bennie and the Jets and Crocodile Rock. The piano playing ain’t too shabby either.

  23. He says his voice deepened after he had throat surgery.

    I hope he’s not abusing again. I love Elton, but this is not good.

  24. CoCo, He has always been a amazingly talented Prima donna. He could be throwing a tantrum because his tea was too cold….or too hot….or in the wrong cup….or because someone looked at him cross-eyed. lol

  25. I like him still and have never been around him when the pooh hits the fan but his music is so amazing and he has had more one hits in history them most people alive.

  26. If he is in a bad mood…Maybe it has something to do with father time…We all get older and feel the aches and pains and maybe that is something he is going throw!

  27. Maybe he is not pleased with the way…Every one is working with him or maybe he wants certain things done and they are not living up to his standards….But all I Know is that he is creative and his music is rare and timeless.

  28. I like Elton John even before…I Found out about him being gay…His music was easy to dance to and easy to sing to…He has the most creative mind in the world and his skill has got him some where in life…We are lucky to have him here on this earth…Because he is helping people with Aids and making a big differents with the fight.

  29. He seems short tempered at times! It seems like he is working his butt off and seems to get frustrated with people” And in life if you tell some one to do something the right way and they keep messing up…Sooner or later your going to Snap? But by being who he is and has made him Richer then 100 people in a life time.

  30. Like Elton John Said in One of his Songs…Remember the Bitch Song…He has a right to be as spoiled rotten…He has a Gift that is special and…He is the only one who has the Voice to give to us…His sweet smooth voice!

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