ellencutportiaweb%233BFFF1.jpgEllen Degeneres’ relationship with Portia de Rossi is not as perfect as it used to be. While neither is cheating or anything like that, a friend of the couple says Portia is getting BORED. Her show Arrested Development went off the air last year and Ellen didn’t want her to work – she loves having her available. For awhile, being a lady of leisure was fun, but shopping every day started to get old for Portia. She wants her career back! Ellen’s trying to talk her out of it, and there’s some friction, but they’re trying to come to terms with this.


  1. I think most conflicts we have with one another are about control.

  2. Yeah, Portia is just sitting around drinking mojitos and spending Ellen’s money… puh-lease.

  3. Yeah, because that’s the way Ellen wants it. Let Portia go out and earn a living if that’s what she wants. God knows I’ve been with guys who thought I should stay home and shop and wait for them to come home. that’s the puh-lease!!!

  4. come on, this is crap who really knows what is going on but Portia and Ellen, and why should we care that much.

  5. ok, seriously, how thick are u guys if u actually believe this sh*t?! ellen has said that she cant wait to see portia work again cuz she has so much talent. i think i’ll believe their words over this stupid website.

  6. No one should depend on anyone Financially !
    You just never know what could happen *

  7. This is crap. Ellen isn’t a controlling freak. As much as she loves Portia, I know she wouln’t keep her from working. Let them be geez la weez!

  8. this is a load of sh*t!ellen has said before in an interview ‘herself’ that portia’s career is going to take off again.’close friend’ as a source?!?!yer thats some close friend,making up shyte like this.ellen is not the controlling type!

  9. sounds true to me,ellen is nothing more that a diesel dyke,and you know how they are.Hey ellen you have something in your teeth,oh its a hair never mind

  10. I tend to believe it, too. Same happened when she was with her last two ex-gf’s. Ellen doesn’t want to have her gf having a career of their own.

  11. who are we to judge anyone –only they know what’s going on in their lives and really it’s nobody bussiness but there’s come on people get a life

  12. I finally MUST get this off my chest. It never fails when I read the comments about a celeb couple, someone posts something like, “It’s nobody’s business, leave them alone”. It’s fine if you feel that way, but WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING A GOSSIP WEB SITE THEN? YOU CLEARLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN THEIR LIVES, WANT RELATIONSHIP DETAILS, WANT TO KNOW WHERE THEY EAT! I suggest that folks who complain about the invasion of celebrity privacy be the first to abstain from these sorts of websites. Otherwise, shut your gossip hole.

  13. Who cares??? Is that a pubic hair that I see in Portia’s teeth?

  14. hope they work things out. I think they are a nice couple.

  15. Portia is happy , Portia a big girl and she can go out and find a job.I know that protia can not be borned with a hot thing like Ellen.They are in love……watch the daytime emmys june 15 9/8c time…Ellen will be thier will you? see ellen and portia

  16. Hahahaha Ellen and the word hot have little in common…Ellen wants Portia around just like she wanted Ann around so she could give them a good dildo fu**ing whenever she liked.
    Rosie is trying the same line on Cyndi Lauper it seems.

  17. HAD TO RANT, thank you. my thoughts, exactly. Not casually glancing at a gossip website, actually clicking through to the comments section, you know, cuz it’s none of their business

  18. Oh, Janet you’re so full of it! The rest of you fat assed losers need to get a job.

  19. Uhh, did anyone stop to think that maybe Anne, Alex, or Portia may be intimidated by Ellen’s empowered position as HUGE breadwinner? Did anyone stop to think that maybe Anne, Alex, or Portia may not actually WANT to work (for whatever reasons)? Why is there always this immediate deduction that a successful woman (of any sexual orientation) is a controlling b*tch? This is such primitive, stereotypical gender-based bulls**t. That Portia is not currently being documented in any working capacity, cannot automatically be concluded as some kind of “fault” of Ellen’s. Until it comes form the celebrity’s own mouth, then no number of Hollywood’s seemingly endless array of “friends” (as sources) should impact on the image that these two demonstrate: two hot chicks with lots of love and respect for one another. I’m sticking to that until one of them says anything different.

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