It’s nice to see Elizabeth Taylor gussied up and out and about – this week she presented a wildly flattering bust of her exhusband Richard Burton to Prince Charles in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. A theater in Cardiff will be named after Burton and the bust will be placed in the lobby. Presumably Elizabeth’s boyfriend/manager Jason Winters won’t be sorry to see the bust go.


  1. people forget thing pretty fast.

  2. It’s too bad La Liz’s long and illustrious life has been so tragic where love is involved. Not hardly worth all the diamonds and jewels her lovers have given her over the years. Her losses (while pregnant) of one husband, and then the “love of her life” Burton after two alcoholic marraiges ruined their romance…must have nearly destroyed her will to live. It would have for most people. Now she is in a wheelchair, after a lifetime of horrible ailments and love losses. Her lifetime has truly been one of the alltime Hollywood tragedies and would be completely unbelievable if if presented in a movie as a drama. No movie could do her real life justice however. There is just too much endless drama to be covered, all of it unbelieveable. I’ll bet La Liz herself can’t believe it when she thinks back on what she has lived thru.

  3. I hope she’s just got her head tilted to look, and doesn’t have a lolling head. She’s had a great, exciting life. No need to feel sorry for her. She’s a trouper, and still hanging in there.

  4. I agree with both of you, Reta & Bettye. Whilst Liz has certainly had far more than her fair share of pain.. emotional *and* physical, she’s lived an extraordinary life… one of the last true “movie stars” of the old studio system… Hollywood royalty… Although her advancing years and health problems limit her travel and she spends most of her days ensconced in her Beverly Hills estate surrounded by lifelong friends, trusted confidants, her beloved pets, and her dedicated and loyal staff, she claims she’s very content.
    Although true and lasting love have apparently eluded her, I don’t think she’d complain… far from! In recent years she’s made it clear in interviews that ultimately the key to happiness and longevity is making the most out of life and living every single day to the fullest!
    Good for her!

  5. Elizabeth’s life is nothing short of a miracle. It is amazing how she has battled back from the brink of death many times. Not to mention her several marriages and the many times she has committed adultery (Eddie Fisher is one).

    Regarding Charles, many may remember he was caught in a gay affair with one of his male aides. Caught dead to rights, not idle gossip.

    Elizabeth is a lover of homosexuals and has staged many benefits for them. She has always been friends of gays over straights.

    Charles is apparently AC/DC and may have brought a disease to Camilla, as it is reported she is ill and an alcoholic. Also, his adulterous affairs while with Diana.

    What will be their eternal destiny? This is NOT hating on them, but I wonder if they realize their fame and multi-million$ can’t buy their salvation.

  6. She took pleasure in heartless harassment and bullying and was very cruel to all her husbands. Burton He LITERALLY hated her and married the exact opposite of her with a fine upright, kind lady with the wit and strength to keep Liz away from him.

  7. It looks like Charles has board poor Liz and she’s dosed off.

    I want to know why Liz is there? He married twice after Liz and was suppose to be happily married at the time of his death (married to Sally Hay).

  8. I love Liz. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is one of her best. she was so gorgeous. I’m sorry her body has given out on her. I would love to see a private showing of her jewelry. I’d probably put on a different piece of it every day and sit in the sunshine watching it sparkle. She’s a groovy chick.

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