Eddie Murphy is trying desperately to repair his besmirched image after the fiasco with Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown. He is acutely aware that his reputation has suffered since he dumped his pregnant girlfriend Mel B. and demanded a DNA test for the unborn child. He feels Mel made a fool of him. So he’s started dating Tracey Edmonds, and flaunting her at every opportunity because she is an educated and respected power player in Hollywood. Tracey attended Stanford University and she remains CEO of the Edmonds Entertainment Group in spite of her divorce from Babyface. Tracey is beautiful AND smart AND one of the richest black women in Hollywood. She makes him look good, so Eddie is taking her everywhere – even the after hours club Xenii where they openly held hands and cuddled – very out of character for Eddie.

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  1. Here’s some advice Eddie: get a vasectomy. You already have tons of kids and then you can’t say a “woman made a fool of you”
    That being said, I think his true love is Johnny Gill. And he loves the trannies.

  2. Eddie sounds pretty confident the kid isn’t his! Can we say spice beard?

  3. Eddie “Tranny Lover” Murphy stopped being funny after Trading Places. Someone should go kung fu grip his ass and tell him to keep his dick in his pants.

  4. I agree. Eddie Murphy developed a HUGE ego and he’s not funny anymore.

  5. His claim to fame now is playing an ASS on Shrek. He should stick to tanny’s they don’t get pregnant.

  6. If getting caught soliciting a transexual prosititue in the wee hours of the am didn;t hurt his career, knocking up a girlfriend won’t.
    “IT’s cheaper to keep her” as the saying goes.
    Maybe Murphy should have done everything possible to keep his ex wife on board.

  7. “He is acutely aware that his reputation has suffered since he dumped his pregnant girlfriend Mel B.”
    Poor delusional Eddie. He is acutely UNAWARE that his reputation had suffered way back when he picked up the tranny.

  8. Eddie Murphy is an idiot and if he had doubts he should have handle his business privately. Because the woman has a kid…i don’t have a problem with him being upset with the pregnancy or wanting a DNA but it was how he did it. Instead of breaking up quietly and saying nothing until the baby is born…then if the DNA is negative he could then explained himself…but to bring in Tracey Edmonds and parading her like some trophy was plain stupid and got her all caught up in this mess…maybe I should be mad at Tracey for making herself a tool for Murphy.

  9. Janet you know I love you mama, but you’ve gotta get Perez Hilton up in here…meaning – JANET, START KICKING ASSES & TAKING NAMES!!!
    JC you of all people know the whole thing’s a scam to promote Eddie as hetero so he may win an Oscar for Dreamgirls.
    I’ll do the dirty work for you.
    Eddie is a tranny chaser.
    Johnny Gill, amongst others, are his lovers.
    These chicks are his beards.
    Eddie now has the most major case of gayface since Tom Cruise.

  10. He is so faking it. What a shame, the guy has so much talent. Why do most of these people become so loathesome after they get rich and famous? UGH.

  11. Eddie Murphy Likes trannys with big feet.Doesnt that sound like Mel B?Maybe she fooled him, and when he thought he was knocking at her back door he was really in the front door?.Whatever the case,hes a egomaniac with a face like a ferets ass…….OYE VEY

  12. i cant believe she would go for a guy like eddie when she was with kenneth babyface edmonds!! for being educated she’s pretty stupid

  13. Everyone is talking about Tracey Edmonds as if she is the only smart and beautiful woman in Hollywood. She would never be the rich woman that she is if Babyface had not chosen her as his wife. He wrote the songs, not Tracey. His talent and money gave her the opportunity to take it a step farther, and she deserves credit for that, but we all know that having that type of opportunity to get in the door makes it allot easier. Tracey Edmonds is a opportunist, so Mr. Murphy do not think twice that Tracey is learning everything she can from you to increase her knowledge as well as contacts from you too.

  14. Tracey Edmonds knows how to deal with a man who cheats. There are allot of things that the public does not know. So she will be find dealing with Eddie.
    Someone who knows

  15. Mikayla,
    There’s allot that you do not know about Kenneth Babyface Edmonds, so she is not as stupid as you think.
    Someone who knows

  16. to someone who knows – if she has not revealed the reasons for her divorce and indeed you ARE someone who knows why don’t you keep it to yourself?

  17. Eddie murphy is a skank to dump his pregnant girlfriend,my boyfriend did same to me 6 weeks ago he said get an abortion and we will continue our relationship if you dont i will deny its my child and will hate you and child forever,he is refusinbg dna have since discovered he did same to girl 5 years ago she has his 4 year old son whom he denys is his yet wont have dna for,at least eddie is agreeing to dna !!

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