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We’re going out on a limb here, but, after much consideration, we’ve decided that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are among the best dressed women in Hollywood. To be honest, we’ve admired the girls’ very opposite and spontaneous style for a long time and we’re tired of people dismissing them as “bag ladies.” We took a long hard look at the sisters at the HBO party at the Chateau Marmont and realized they have an acute sense of style and drama, and might be the coolest young women in Hollywood. They don’t have that safe, cookie cutter look that actresses dressed by stylists have. They take chances – they mix vintage with Paris couture, along with creative accessories. It’s obvious they pick out their own clothes and don’t just wear whatever is given to them FREE. And they’re not afraid to thrown on a little fur now and then! We love these girls who have the courage to look “different!”

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  1. and it’s extremely difficult to pull it off one such small frames – but they get it right

  2. Sorry but they look scary. I saw Mary Kate last week in NYC and she looked like a bag lady only with several body guards.

  3. They have the potential to be darling gals, they really need to gain some weight, though. They look unhealthy as thin and drawn as they are.

  4. I absolutely agree!!! I’ve always admired them and think they have a GREAT sense of style. All the others their age, Lindsay, Paris, Nicole – they all look the same. MK and Ashley stand out. Especially MK. I just LOVE her! She’s great to look at. I find her very beautiful.

  5. These two remind me of a couple of lemurs clinging to each other in a tree.

  6. fur???? in this day and age?? when there are so many alternatives available????
    FOR SHAME! where’s my red paint……….

  7. I LUVE!!!! the way that mary -kate dresses! luve it. ashley is good too! but mary -kate she is my fashion icon!

  8. are you people on crack?
    They do look like 2 lemurs – Anonymous @ 10:41, you hit the nail on the head.

  9. Ooooh, they’re so brave to wear defenseless animals that have been brutally killed for no other reason than their coats. Give me a fucking break.

  10. I wonder how much Janet was paid for this blow job. Gimme a break. They’re totally fugly and dress like bag ladies! Fur is murder! Nobody in their right mind would call them attractive.

  11. Is that the blue steele look or the magma? Or maybe it’s her tigre look.

  12. they truly are really cool
    and unique
    and don’t want to be like everyone else

  13. What have they done lately to get such attention? The one on the right looks like a grandmother. Can’t you find interesting people to write about????

  14. All you fur people.
    Why is leather okay and not fur?
    Go count your leather shoes, jackets, furniture, car seats…
    Keep learning, hypocrites.
    Oh…nice polite kids, the Olsen girls.

  15. wow, guess they paid you off with some of their award winning videos and free botox…

  16. Could care less about them Tim.
    I prefer mink over ermine.
    More dark meat you know.

  17. “Ug” followed quickly by “ly”.
    They look like bony Chuckie dolls.

  18. The one on the right looks like she go into grannys closet and played “Big Girl”. Who said lemurs? BWHAHAHAHAH. BTW girls, eat a samwitch with lots of garnishes.

  19. Shame on you, Janet, for insinuating that donning fur is somehow hip or cool. NOT.

  20. 5:09.
    I presume your sitting in your leather chair while typing that!?
    Lemurs sure, but how bout Bonobos.

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