It’s easy to point the finger at Bobby Brown and blame him for ruining Whitney Houston’s life by introducing her to drugs. Granted, Whitney was a nice, well brought up girl when she met Bobby, but everyone assumed she was also gay. She and her live-in assistant Robyn Crawford were inseparable until Whitney met Bobby at the Soul Train Awards in 1989. Bobby had left New Edition and was only 20, while Whitney was almost six years older. He was loads of fun and had started experimenting with drugs. Whitney was immediately smitten and she enthusiastically joined him dabbling with drugs too. As the romance heated up so did their drug abuse. But Whitney was always the boss – she was in charge. They were spectacularly happy together for years, but the drugs took their toll. Public scenes of brawling and cursing became common and Whitney lost her good girl image. When they divorced in 2007, her fans hoped that with the “bad influence” of Bobby gone, she would clean up. It didn’t happen.


  1. It certainly seemed that Whitney was trying to numb some sort of turmoil that was tormenting her inside by doing so many drugs. The only problem with that is, you have to sober up sooner or later, or your body says, enough is enough!

    We will probably never know what her issues were, but there definately were issues. It too bad that she could not come to terms with what was bothering her, even if only for her daughter’s sake. My guess is that the underlying issues definitely involved her religious upbringing and beliefs.

  2. Those of us writing about all of this back in the day remember rumors of a love triangle between Whitney, Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis. The latter two, of course, have long ago come out of the closet; too bad Whitney couldn’t. These days, it just wouldn’t be… a… big… deal. 🙂

  3. That’s right. Drug addiction is a personal dilemma. Brown was the magnet who she was also addicted too.If you ever witnessed the drugged up drunken entangled mess that the two of these music stars became, you would have no pity for either of them or their actions.

  4. Can’t blame Bobby. Whitney has no one to blame but herself. Bobby didn’t chain her up and put the drugs in her. She took them herself.

  5. if he was a clean husband from the startand they were happy as told here……….NOTHING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.
    she just neede a strong & decent sort of caretaker/manager.
    he never took responsibility as a dad & husband……

  6. Whatever the personal issues—hers/his/theirs—you can’t deny the talent.

    Just today I saw for the first time, the YTube of Whitney singing the National Anthem at the 1991 SuperBowl. And I’ve gotten goose bumps watching it every time since. Her voice was something supernatural singing that song. Like Garland, she had rare ability that we probably won’t see again. Glad that the technology exists that allows for all of us to enjoy her gifts for many years to come.

  7. Great voice major talent, generational drug user, the Houston family are boozers and dopeheads, many American families are.

    She and Bobby enabled each other.

    Rest in peace, best wishes to her daughter and family.

  8. How do we know that Bobby introduced her to anything? We don’t know those people nor do we know their story. A life was lost. That’s all that needs to be focused on

  9. Totally true…BB said she was a ravenous lesbo and it was a shield to the record company. He was happy when she went with girls and he did too. She was boo’d by an audience of BLACKS for being “too white” so instantly turned a ghetto side that never left. Way too much success and enablement by the record companies and leeches of the family brought her downfall. A bad example to young blacks.

  10. I can almost guarantee some of the rag mags will come out with a murder conspiracy.

  11. The succession of articles dragging Whitney through the mud have surpassed every other web site in terms of salacious coverage of her death. You can stop anytime now…

    Rest in peace Whitney. The gifts you shared live on and will always be cherished.

  12. Christopher wants his gossip candy coated today.
    You can’t handle the truth?

  13. Hillary, you are right. I totally forgot about that love triangle.

    How does one (like Whitney) that loves the ladies end up Bobby Brown for 14-15 years?

  14. Pretty simple and well known that Sony via Clive Davis leaned on Whit to get “married” because her lesbianism (ala Sam Ronson) was bad for business. Almost like a Rock Hudson marriage in reverse.

    Bobby let Whit have all the stray pussy she could grab and he lived a life of luxury and party and had many women on the side…until the freight train of Whit ran off the track.

    Drugs and Lesbianism = Whitney Houston = Early Death.

    Cissy Houston should have known better because she was a backup singer to Elvis and saw what happened to him but Whit was the family cash cow and they let her graze where she wanted.

  15. Thank you. I didn’t realize that about Clive Davis. How truly sad.

  16. I would have loved her the same straight or gay. Her talent speaks for itself.
    Clive Davis sickens me. He molded her into something she wasn’t really.

  17. The truth isn’t a weapon Patrick, and it’s perverse to imply that repeatedly beating up a dead woman who isn’t even in the ground yet over her failings with nary a good word said about her achievements is some kind of virtue.

  18. I don’t blame Bobby Brown. I heard he is very nice in person and is a big tipper. Whitney wasn’t forced to do drugs, she did them because she wanted to. She had something inside of her that wasn’t right and she never got help for that. It’s unfair to blame someone who hasn’t been in her life in years.

  19. He used to take the heat for her illegal transactions as well as his own and conceal her lesbianism.. take care of the home, the bills.. his family, child and her major problems with addictions. She was wild and willful., not so sweet in real life.. ran through her own money, borrowed from family and her agents, producers without a care for paying it back tomorrow.. not him.

  20. No one said she didnt have achievements but to cannonize a person is just as wrong as mention some of the truths. The PC’ers flinch when she is called a drug addled lesbian who wasted immense talent and was surrounded by a family of freeloaders who covered up her tracks. Anything here that is not so? Hopefully she is in a better place now.

  21. She was her worst enemy and Bobby shouldn’t be blamed for her downward spiral.

  22. Coming from blue collar (or NO collar) city I have met addicts and almost all of them are creative but very troubled. But then I’ve met recovering addicts and they are still jerks so maybe it’s just their inability to tell people off that mean a lot to them.

    It’s hard to tell a family member you can’t forgive them for something. It’s easier to do drugs and smile around them.

  23. Hopefully this puts to rest the denial of Whitney enablers about her lesbian encounters. It was a daily event…folks.

    Now if only Hillary Clinton will come….clean!

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