Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth dressed way DOWN in black for a recent visit to BOA steakhouse. Of course they both wore their flowing blonde extensions. No sign of their daughter Lyssa who was arrested last month in Hawaii for criminal damage and harassment while intoxicated. The didn’t bail her out right away – let her sit in jail for awhile to learn a lesson.



  1. The guy is a clown. Those who watch his show are also w t losers

  2. the sixtees are a Never Ending Story for these pathetic folks.

  3. God bless her!! Getting on top must be a joy. Looking at his crater face must be a orgasam delight.

  4. ^^ Yep.

    Meanwhile, a flash update:

    Academy-award nominee Hillary Clinton now says “the hand to mouth” gesture of concern—depicted in the White House Situation Room photos—was due to “allergies.”

    Why, might you ask, is she making this statement today?

    Because it’s now coming to light that there was NO HELMET CAM FOOTAGE of the supposed raid that killed OBL.

    So, what do you suppose those ridiculous people WERE watching in that photo op?

    “The Apprentice,” perchance?

    THIS is what it looks like when a great country rots from the inside and collapses upon itself under the weight of lies, deceit and rampant criminality.

    Watch and learn. It’ll be something to tell the grand-kiddies about! 🙂

  5. The long yellow hair, necklaces with the shirt unbuttoned (puke), and earrings need to go. He can still get a cool hair cut or toupe that gives him some height. It would scare the wits out of families around here if someone like that was stalking the streets.

    I bet he gets on her nerves.

  6. They are BOTH madly overdue for complete makeovers. She actually looks like she might look a tad bit good if she lightened her load, got rid of the giant rediculous udders, modernized her clothing and did something real with heer hair. Both of them have way too thin hair to wear that way and it looks idiotic. Don’t these people have mirrors in their house? Won’t someone (please) step up and offer them a family makeover? He is one of the most hideous men I have ever seen! Complete and utter fool.

  7. Hey Reta, That’s a good idea. I would love to see them completely made over from head to toe. Wasn’t there a rumor last year about him cheating on her? If true, I would have given him a little sleep aid and then a burr haircut. lol

  8. OMG they look soo trashy!Both need makeover and stop using drugs.

  9. If that douche ever tried to put the arm on me….well, that would be fun.

  10. He looks like he smells. ugh.. they look so gross.

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