Nothing seems to be going right for DJ AM Adam Goldstein since he and Nicole Richie went their separate ways. First Adam complained that he misses getting all that publicity he enjoyed when he was with Nicole – not to mention all those high paying DJ jobs her notoriety helped him get. Now he’s complaining to friends that he’s gained twenty pounds and as a result he has to go back for more gastric bypass surgery to deal with the problem. Sometimes it pays to have a popular girlfriend who’s not interested in eating.

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17 thoughts on “DJ AM: BOO HOO

  1. gastric by pass surgery to lose a mere 20 pounds?
    how lazy can you get?

  2. He doesn’t know how lucky he is.
    Once you marry them they ALL gain a hundred pounds and grow a moustache. I swear to god if my wife doesn’t shave once a week a wildebeast will follow her home.
    Run buddy!

  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    yo, pat.
    you don’t have to put up with that.
    what you have to do is, divorce your wife and save up some chedder to get yourself a boyfriend.
    because everyone knows men keep their young, vigorous bodies for life.

  4. Why are either one of these idiots famous at all??? Nicole’s fame has come from heroin, anorexia, being a brat who’s never worked, and feuding with hollow head Hilton. Totally d-list from the start. Is everyone in Hollywood a scheming superficial asshole?

  5. Yeah 8:03 but,…then I’d be gay!?
    It’s chedd A r.
    American right?
    Thats a gay chedder.

  6. a match made in a kitchen. they both have eating disorders.

  7. He’s a DJ? Sounds kind of stupid to me. She will never do anything but shop with Daddy’s money.

  8. Why doesn’t he get off his lazy butt and exercise!
    I am am so sick of people having surgery done because they can’t stop eating and won’t exercise while there are people starving to death all over the world, including in the U.S.
    D.J. AM needs to grow up and get a life!!!

  9. he probably had a gastric band around his stomach initially. After awhile the stomach pouch will enlarge quite naturally. If he’s gained weight he is probably just having the band tightened. A simple procedure of injecting saline into a port under the skin which is linked to the band. Increased saline tightens the band and viola, he can’t eat as much.
    This is guess-work on my part. And no, I don’t have the band. Just read about it in an article.

  10. You mean?
    I can lose this stuff with a knife?
    I’m keepin it!

  11. its so amazing you people believe this horseshit hahahahah UNREAL!

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