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Kim Kardashian seems to never wear the same outfit twice – even to get her nails done – and let’s hope that applies to these ripped white skin tight jeans. They make her look shorter and stouter than she really is. Hey, we caught Kim in an unflattering outfit and that doesn’t happen often.

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  1. does it make a difference at all?

  2. We care more about all useless eaters and whores like KIM KARDASHIAN instead of caring about the real problems our world is facing. The result can be seen by all of us. Ill be the happiest person when this bitch will die.

  3. Notice: Captain America/Strom/Frank and now add XYZ. Can’t you post just ONCE? One personality is plenty!

  4. She strikes me as someone who really loves her curves. White is an unflattering color anyway and can make the skinniest person look like they’ve gained a few pounds.

  5. If Captain America/Strom/Frank/XYZ can post more than once, why can’t Kim were her outfits more than once?

  6. She IS short and has stumpy legs, just like Jessica Simpson, not much they can do about that. The only worse midget is Snooki the drunken slut

  7. Janet, she’s a nasty pig. Stop inking her on your blog.

  8. Strom is only Strom. Unlike others, I don’t wish her any bad luck but as she gets older and droopier or more filled with plastic her future is grim: just being passed from one black man to another. Black Reggie Bush’s mom had much more class than most; she wanted her son to have nothing to do with any woman who had made a porno movie….being pissed on and anally screwed by Ray J is not a badge of honor!

  9. Strom is referring to himself in the third person. Sebastian is getting concerned.

    Strom is definitely not the Captain, or any of HIS pseudonyms. Reta agrees. The Captain is not a native English speaker and it should be easy to see when he is writing under another name. Strom is obviously a North American.

    Anyway, who cares about outing the Captain. shouldn’t he have the same right as Hollywood gays to stay closeted???

    Anyway, the Captain, in his many personalities, can be amusing.

  10. Kim is a Weeble.

    “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down!”

  11. It’s really weird when a person only sees color and blacks are like the devil to him. strom, I continually pray for you and hope that race demon comes out. But anyway, Kim is short and has a huge ass. Would love to see that body in 10 years.

  12. Not side with Strom completely, but what is it with the Kardashians? The do seem to have a thing for black guys. And, correct me if I am wrong, but one does get the impression that it is easier to find a Orthodox Jewish pig farmer than it is to find an American black male who is going to be successful, reliable, faithful and a good father. Just ask Halley Berry.

  13. Using that logic ask Mel Gibson’s wife how reliable, faithful and a good father he is. Can’t paint all black men with a single brush. There are some that are totally piece of shit and there are others you don’t hear about who are good dads.

  14. I have stood next to her many times, she is extremely short and has a huge butt and big short thighs. I tower over her and I am 5’8″ and wear flats. She usually wears heels. Most of the photos you see of her are seriously photoshopped and make her look thinner than she is. She is a pleasant person, always smiles at everyone.

  15. That is so not true about American black men. I know many who are good husbands and fathers. The people that are written up in these gossip sites are usually scum, just like all the white ones, Asian ones, Hispanic ones etc. Something about the type who live to be “famous”, most of them are not that great human beings.

  16. Lenny, name five white male celebs who seem to be faithful husbands and good fathers. Now name five black celebs. Betcha it took much less time to do the former than the latter.

  17. She looks like one of the PeopleOfWalmart photos. If you haven’t seen that site, you should go, and then you’ll understand…creepy creepy people. Just like the Kardashian family…

  18. These pants on her are not as bad as those hideous gigantic bum pants are on Madonna! I’d tak this look any day over Madonna’s “look”.

  19. Sebastian, that’s dumb and makes no sense. That’s like saying name five white guys who’s killed their wives and five black guys who’s killed their’s. Being good husbands is a white thing it’s a man thing. There are real good black fathers and there are horrible black fathers and probably alot of them. But that goes the same in white fathers. Asians, you don’t hear very often about cheating or horrible fathers, but you know there are some. The same can be said about hispanics fathers which you do hear terrible things about. Conclusion, only God knows not you or I.

  20. Also, you wanted five names of white guys here goes, Jesse James, David Duchoveny, Ethan Hawke, Jude Law, Brad Pitt, Peter Cooks (Christy Brinkley Husband), Bruce Springsteen, Sean Penn, Ryan Phillpe, Charlie Sheen, Jack Nicholson, Eddie Cribrian, and there more.

  21. Lenny, perhaps I was not clear enough. My mistake. And my flippant comment did not help.

    We are talking about celebs here. The discussion started over the Kardashians, and we are on a celebrity gossip site. Sure there are dozens of bad white celeb dads and fathers, but there are many more who are not. Plus, most of the celebs you mentioned are D-listers, or of a whole other generation (Jack Nicholson is ancient. Why not mention Casanova?)

    The pool of super-successful black men who will be faithful, want to have families and will stick by them is pretty small. That is why many black women who have made a name for themselves in Hollywood have nothing to do with black male celebs from the sports or entertainment world. They leave them to silly white girls like the Kardashians.

  22. I agree with you on the black community and it ignoring the problem of black men and their families. I been talking about this alot with people and they think you’re being racist. But if you watch the television alot of white men don’t cheat on their wives they just kill them. That’s almost a nightly thing. There is a pool of super-successful Black men who are faithful and they aren’t ass wipe in public’s eye like David Robinson, Tim Duncan and some of the good guys who keep a low profile. There a celeb black model who married a white executive and he cheated from day one on her. Her name is Garcelle Beauvis, google it and find out. My point is all of this black men need to straighten up and because better role models for their families and white men aren’t as good we make them out to be.

  23. Black men, good fathers, bad fathers, white men, good fathers, bad fathers, white girls dating black men, black men dating white girls, domestic abuse and murder of whites, domestic abuse and murder of blacks…every combination of color and good and bad…..and then there is …….***SEAL***, which is a case unto itself.

  24. georgie, do tell us more about celebs. You seem to have an inside track!

  25. Indy, what exactly are you trying to say about the artist Seal? He is a married man (happily) who took his wife’s first child as his own and loved her and gave her a father, which her own “real” father (who is white) didn’t do. Heidi and Seal are crazy about each other, madly in love, and have a lovely family who they adore and take with them everywhere, and are very hands-on with them. I like Heidi a lot and think her personality is wonderful. I love how she loves her husband and lusts after him and isn’t afraid to let people know she’s madly in love with him, as well she should be. When he came out and sang on her “angels” runway modeling gig as she modeled I loved their chemistry together and it was so nice to actually see a couple who love each other madly for a change instead of the ones who pose next to each other like total strangers.
    I think their kids are going to grow up to be really healthy, well adjusted and loving people. I’d be really shocked if their kids do drugs and screw up like so many “Hollywood” kids do. I just feel like they are getting the right things at home from their parents and I admire them for that. And I’ve NEVER heard a bad thing said about either Heidi OR Seal, so Indy, stop being a racist!

  26. I don’t care if Seal is green, white, purple, or orange. He was just recently on TMZ and he and Heidi were coming out of a restaurant and paparazzi happened to be there and started snapping away. Seal went totally ballistic and started pushing and shoving, broke a camera and even knocked over a woman walking by. He then cursed and screamed at all the paps. If he wants to be a celeb he (and others) have to realize that they will be followed more or less 24/7. I lost all respect for him then, and for any other hothead stars who want to have fans idolize them, yet lose their tempers when it’s not convenient for them to be seen. And, I’m not a freakin’ racist, so there.

  27. Indy: if you don’t want to be interpreted as a racist, then may I suggest that you don’t go off on a rant about black and white, good and bad, and that whole thing which you wrote above which I can read no other way THAN racist. And THEN you end it on that note about Seal (who is black and married to a white beautiful model) and you say “which is a case unto itself.” After the previous racially charged rant, how would a sane person take the ending, let alone your entire posting? It comes off entirely racist, no other inference can be made from it. I found the whole thing offensive, and I’ll bet if Seal or Heidi read it, they would too. You need to go look in the mirror and try to convince yourself that you are not racist, because you sure can’t convince ME!

  28. Reta is the PC Police. She rights all wrongs, then get into her black and white…er…African-American and European-American…squad car and takes off into the night.

  29. The real problem is that the black women are so dumb….as young girls they are played by the black guys and end up having 50 sex partners by the time they are 17…then having kids or not and no education they are not of interest to anyone with good prospects and they become druggies or whore’s for pay and bring on another generation of hopelessness. A stooge like Lamar Odom or Reggie Bush then makes millions and has the cheap white Kardashians with $$$ signs flocking to them…so the few quality black women who are left are left out. Call all this racist or not, it is the facts and this downward spiral started with Lyndon Johnson when a free lunch was passed along to blacks….it ruined much of the race!

  30. SebastianCanada–and–Strom..You are sooo hilarious and sooo correct.

  31. strom, you have some real good points and I agree with some of the stuff you said. But you have one problem, that is it’s all about your totally dislike or maybe hate for blacks. Don’t tell me you don’t read alot of this stuff about Paris Hilton and others. They are stupid young white girls who have alot sex partners and do dumb things. Do me a favor on the story that comes up about a white girl tell all us of about how bad she is and the terrible things she does. Also, tell us because she’s white this is why or is it only black girls or guys you sooo dislike?

  32. Yeah Lenny. Strom, that last rant is too much for me. Makes me regret every siding with you, even when you had – in fact – hit on a solid truth.

    What you say in your last rant is true, but is not an Afro-American issue. The underclass you describe consists of white Americans also. It is an American problem, period. Or, should I say, a North American problem.

    In Canada we do not have the established black population America has (because we did not have institutional slavery), so we do not have such a large, established pervasive black under-class. We do however, have whites – in sections of big cities, in rural communities and small towns, sometimes occupying whole small towns – who live the lives you describe.

  33. I don’t dislike blacks at all or any other race. White Kim K is a good example of the lowest trash.

    Canadians wouldnt understand the problem because even though they are run over with Asians and Indian, Paks, Bangladeshi’s, for the most part, these people are willing to work. If you get an influx of blacks from Chicago, Detroit, or Harlem you will soon see what I mean.

  34. Strom, well we now know where you stand. And I, for one am disgusted.

    My point was that Canada can serve as a control group with regards to America and your claims against blacks. The characteristics of the multi-generational American blacks you complain about are exhibited by people in Canada one would call white-trash or rednecks. Both Canada and America have enough of them.

    I pointed out that Canada does not have black equivalents because we did not have institutional slavery, and so do not have a huge population of multi-generational black Canadians.

    If you are claiming all whites a above reproach, and all non-whites are the problem, then you are not just a racist, you are an idiot of the first order.

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