Maybe Kris Humphries’ marriage to Kim Kardashian wasn’t a total loss. All that family notoriety probably helped Kris’s older sister Kaela land a lucrative modeling contract with Ford Models. Actually she did the impossible, Kaela is 29 years old and a size 16 and she STILL got signed! Kaela’s having lots of fun being a plus-size model but she has a degree from the University of Texas just in case…



  1. Smart, pretty girl, and the stench never got near her.

  2. She’s got blood on her hands too. Her brother is an opportunistic fame whore just like Lam Lam and Kato and the rest of the no talent cunts.

  3. I love it but kim’s ass is just to big for a modeling career……

  4. I vote w/ E. The JC powerhouse website should not support the K’s.

    No supposedly white woman in America has had a much BLACK meat as KK. Send her packing.

  5. This girl is going to be one huge side of meat when she hits middle age.

  6. As I am looking at the top photo, I am noticing the body language. Shouldn’t a man who is newly married and claims to love his wife, be cuddled up to her, rather than his sister? Just sayin’

  7. She is absolutely beautiful. She is a stunner. I hope her career goes though the roof.


    Muffie, I think your reading something into the picture that just isn’t there. I am sure at the time he was thinking that he was glad to have his family there with him. I don’t believe for a minute that Kris Humphries had an inkling of what his conniving ass of wife was capable of doing.

  8. As Walt said, she’s a stunner. Can’t we give her credit and say she got the contract on her own?

  9. Photoshop at its best to reduce their sizes and smooth out the face.

  10. No Kim did not help her with anything, Kim does not help anyone with anything ever. I thought it was a well known fact that Kim did not like anyone in Kris’s family or in his state for that matter. I doubt she remembers Kaela’s name for that matter. Anyone who thinks that Kim would care about anything other than money going into her pocket is totally crazy. She’s had a contract modeling in MPLS for a very long time. Again, there is no connection here at all.

  11. Word is KK is playing a major part in funding Fred Goldman and Denise Brown’s favorite Foundation which of course pays them big salaries for virtually nothing. Maybe T, Tom, Tommy can confirm or dispel this rumor….could KK bring a sparkle to Fred’s eye? Could OJ be receiving conjugal visits from Kris K?

  12. Hopefully Strom, the only conjugal visits OJ is receiving are coming from the 300 lb. guy in the next cell.

  13. Considering that over 50% of American women are size 16 and over, she is more representative and
    relevant than those Kartrashian females. It looks like old Kim got blindsided by this one.

  14. These gypsies shit eaters are just the latest to cash in on the murders.Remember Greta’s buck toothed mug(pre surgery)on every channel stirring up the pot going on and on about what kind of ice cream was in the cup or some other meaningless bit of nonsense to prolong the circus and deny justice to the victims. The media cheated justice in the cowardly murders and the media has made this prostitute a celebrity. I am sad to say that includes JC and her site.The media doesnt care about truth or justice or art or the American way. The media only cares about tickets sold to the big top. The only charity this nasty shit eater gives to is her own. Ron and Nicole were good people. I knew them.

  15. Denise seems to be in it for the $$$$ however. Fred (Schylock) certainly holds on to the jewish way of never letting go of it and moving on, especially if there might be a $$ to turn over.

  16. The Browns turned down millions from Fox News and Fred would not accept a settlement fom OJ’s camp prior to OJ’s cash grab If I Did It. Nicole broke communication with the pimp at the same time she cut off OJ-one month before the murders.She grouped OJ and the pimp togrther. What does that tell you?

  17. OJ may have been pumping Kris about then….how old is Khloe? Unfortunately Nicole was happy to put on knee pads and Ron was quick to unzip….it became a Fatal Attraction!

  18. Big Beautiful Girl..Who is lovely and tall and built right in all the right places…Has a smile that will light up the room.

  19. Ha…love is a strange word for K & K and for was probably not uttered by Ron either while Nicole was deep throating him. These people were/are all flaky. One constant among them are huge amounts of inter racial encounters. Ray J, OJ, KK, NBS mostly seemed to shun their own race or be shunned by them.

  20. Kaela is now tainted by blood money. Her face looks pig like. Pretty girl my ass. Ron and Nicole were lovers like Romeo and Juliet. Strom, why are you so obsessed with race and oral sex?

  21. Kim the big butt wouldn’t help anyone unless she was well paid and forced by contract to do so..

  22. T has become as delusional on the subject as Fred the Gold is on revenge!

    One constant among them are huge amounts of inter racial encounters. Ray J, OJ, KK, NBS mostly seemed to shun their own race or be shunned by them.

  23. Tom seems to have evaporated or maybe he is having a drink w/ Kato!

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