Way up there on the list of women who AREN’T talking about Harvey Weinstein is Heidi Klum. Harvey Weinstein was the executive producer of her show Project Runway during its 16 successful seasons. Of course the show gave Harvey access to literally HUNDREDS of young and vulnerable models and opened doors to the entire fashion world. We can’t be sure that Heidi was forced to watch Weinstein take a shower or massage him, but we are CERTAIN she knew plenty about his revolting activities. She’s been DEAD QUIET about the subject, but finally when forced to speak about Harvey she didn’t condemn him, but vaguely remarked “We’d be naïve to think this behavior only happens in Hollywood.” Did Heidi cover up for Weinstein?

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. Heidi had her first child with one of the most notorious criminals in Europe. She is no angel.

  2. Heidi Klum is definitely in the hot seat now especially after this column has reminded everyone about it-and that’s a good thing.
    Although Harvey Wenstein deserves to be thrown out of The film and TV Academies and Producers Guild, why is it that convicted pedophile rapists like Roman Polanski, and accused serial rapist and necrophiliac Bill Cosby remain Oscar Academy members in “GOOD STANDING”. My company represents two women who came forward accusing Cosby of Rape and attempted rape, actress Louisa Moritz and Carla Ferrigno, wife of our client actor Lou Ferrigno. My company has already lobbied over 1,000 Academy members to contact John Bailey, President of the Oscar Academy and it’s puzzling Board members to demand that Cosby and Polanski be expelled immediately. Hopefully many of your readers will do the same. Anyone can. The reputation of the Academy is at stake. Will they do the right thing? In the meantime these horrible people remain in “GOOD STANDING”. http://www.lozzipr.com

  3. Maybe Heidi sold her soul to Weinstein but it is certain she sold her soul to her plastic surgeon.

  4. I’m not a prude, but it seems nowadays dressing like a high priced hooker in need of a “date” is in vogue. First thing I thought of was “Heidi Ho”. The second thing was I need to buy several jugs of milk today before I run out.

  5. You will see Hollywood back paddling regarding Harvey’s transactions. Soon headlines will say repentant, cured, progressive moving forward!! The woman consensual, confused, greedy, ambitious!!

    NOW Let’s look at DJT he’s the real animal, get him out of office.

  6. That IS a rather conservative dress for Heidi. With its modestly high neckline, she could be mistaken for an 1800’s schoolmarm! 😀

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