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We can think of two people who might be frolicking in the ocean in Hawaii with her kids (Dexter, 14, and Duke, 9, above) while wearing a black long sleeve t shirt and black pants. One is Madonna and the other is in this photo: Diane Keaton. Diane has never been one to show a lot of skin and on top of that, she likes to keep the sun at bay. At least she’s not wearing a turtleneck.



  1. Eh, she’s an old lady, leave her alone. She’s always been a terrible dresser

  2. ………….this is as sick as hell:
    (what’s her age?)

  3. Disagree Palermo. Keaton has held to a certain principle that she exemplified in Annie Hall – that exposing yourself beyond your comfort level is a sign of poor self-confidence and lack of integrity. Keaton is solid gold in every sense.

  4. She’s just too old, wrinkled and white to be exposed to the sun is all. I wouldn’t want to be her YOUNG children. By now, her children should be full grown and having kids of their own. What HAPPENED?

  5. Sebasitian Canada,I agree.In most cases the individuals that feel the need to flunt themselves are either insecure or just seeking attention.
    And who would want their mother showing herself off.Mind you Diane is over dressed for the beach,but to each their own!
    As for the comment reagarding she is to old to have kids at their age….Most people wish they could have been privileged enough to even have children at any age.
    So my opinion is good for her!
    As for her being wrinkled,so what that is life…at least she isn`t pretending to be someone she isn`t by going under a knife like the rest of them….
    The up most repect for the women:)

  6. Diane was nothing short of great in the very unusual movie,’Baby Boom’.

    All the movies she did w/ Woody Allen felt creepy, whether acting was good or not. jmho.

  7. I don’t care what she’s wearing or why. She looks like she’s having a wonderful time with her son.

  8. Indy, I think I agree with you – Baby Boom is Keaton’s greatest movie. For one thing, it did prove that she was more than a Woody Allen muse, and that she could keep up with the times (from Annie Hall to power Yuppie).

    I also agree that there was something creepy to all of Allen’s movies, particularly the seventies ones when he was always involved with his leading lady. Was that a sign of things to come?

  9. well, what is the alternative? seeing her 60+ body in the ocean? she’d be plastered all over TMZ and the Enquirer with ‘ewww’ pasted above her head. Good for her for keeping things under wraps. And keeping wrinkles from forming on her skin. I love Diane, she can do whatever the heck she wants…

  10. Diane Keaton has always had great style, and she is an outstanding actress, who is very much an individual and her own person.

    Regarding her performances: while Baby Boom is up there, her best performance is in Shoot the Moon, followed by her marvelous performance as Louise Bryant in Reds. She is terrific in Annie Hall, Manhattan and Interiors. Her beautifully directed film, Unstrung Heroes is a heartbreaking movie, and she deserves our respect!

  11. Pierce, I agree with you – Diane has always had her own great style and she IS an outstanding actress. Her kids are very lucky.

  12. In ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ she dropped her towel briefly and revealed a very nice bod. So what was up with those beige turtlenecks in the summer and this?

    You can now buy 90+ sunscreen (or block) so I don’t get it.

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