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Every new season of “Dancing With The Stars” seems to bring Derek Hough a new girlfriend and he creates plenty of buzz for the show. Derek and his dance partner, Extra TV host Maria Menounos, partied in Las Vegas this weekend at a Bud Light Lime-a-Rita Cinco de Mayo event. As cozy as they seemed, Derek is rumored to be dating another contestant – Katherine Jenkins – and Maria has had a boyfriend for ten years.
Photos via: Daily Mail


  1. if she ever turns her back on him she will be sorry she knew this FAGGOT!!


  2. ….bet that I would be on that boy like mayo on a sammie….mmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm he is finger licking good!!

    I LOVE little gay boys such as he. You all know I prefer them black but for such a hottie, I’ll make an exception!

  3. Au contraire…

    Whatever the case, Maria is a little Greek hottie and she loves to flirt, etc. Watch for her boyfriend to get jealous and trouble may be a-brewing. And as for Katherine Jenkins, I think a lot of the females, pro and star alike, are jealous of her beauty and her popularity with the guys. It’s pretty much the law of the jungle. (jmho 🙂

  4. There is nothing wrong with getting attention and allowing every one in the world to see you kicking back and relaxing for a change….Having some drinks on a beautiful sunny day with a good looking friend is great.

  5. His job has to be tuff and dancing for 8 hours every day…This man just needs a break and needs to relax and kick back and enjoy a day of no work what so ever and it looks really hot there and the water looks so cool and they look like they are not stressed and taking it easy for once.

  6. Maria Menounos is very good at her craft and can really dance her butt off on the floor and this hard working Beautiful Lady needs some much needed rest to Dance her little Heart out later…As time goes on she is truely becoming more amazing on the floor.

  7. Rumors abound that Derek is a switch-hitter.

    His sister Julianne loves men, is straight as an arrow, shacking up and enjoying the lifestyles of the rich and famous with the switch-hitter Ryan Seacrest. Oh the follies of GollyWeird, where truth is much stranger than fiction. lol. 🙂

  8. Are you blind?? He’s gayyer than an Easter Bonnet!!

    And you KNOW that I know about gay, being a repressed homosexual and all!

  9. the idiots that watch this show believe whatever promotion pictures shoved down their throats.

  10. “Love Maria, she’s a local girl”

    What do u mean by “local girl”?

  11. Dancing is hard work and to keep that up 8 hours aday is a person who is really powerful and not every one in the world has what it takes to be creative on the dance floor. I really like to see this couple dance…I can see that they are putting everything into this and want to wish them both good luck to the future. P.S. It is nice to see them both take a much needed break!

  12. It’s well known Hough is a Homosexual.

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