A certain pharmacist in New York casually remarked to a friend of ours that Demi Moore has been using HGH (Human Growth Hormone) for YEARS. We were fascinated because that WOULD explain her unnaturally youthful and sinewy looks. HGH supposedly turns fat to muscle and turns back the clock as far as skin and hair and energy are concerned. Sylvester Stallone is a huge fan of the product, which is not illegal in this country, but somewhat suspect. Side effects from long-term use have not been established and there could be a price to pay for the youth enhancing shots.


  1. Umm Janet, nothing turns fat into muscle. Do you want your millions readers to rush out and have their coke dealers appropriate this stuff?

  2. DUH!

    Lady Gaga, Jennifer Anniston=HGH. We have known this for decades, all the super skinny or super-bulked stars are on the stuff.

  3. Melvin called it. These are freaky looking women who can’t stand the thought of aging so they have any type of medical procedures or quack therapy to try and turn back the clock. It doesnt work.

  4. I also wonder about nicole kidmans face in another decade, me thinks she will be in a worse state than mj ended up. Can totally see her being a recluse because her face will be ruined from all that crap she has been putting in to it for years, that can’t be good.

    It is my understanding that hgh is used to delay or lessen the effects of menopause. But long term use can cause/accelerate cancer.

    the price of beauty!

  5. One side effect is that it turns your husband into a philandering douchebag.

  6. Demi’s real beauty secret is Photoshop. When you see her in public, she just looks like another starved, stretched rich woman of a certain age. And I’m sorry, but the photos in the Ann Taylor campaign are a little scary. What 18 to 33 year old AT customer wants to look like that?

  7. LOL Seriously?

    And its not just women. As stated above, ole Sylvester Stallone uses it too. Men are not immune to the pressures of trying to look good at any age. Of course Sly should just give it up.

  8. HGH is the dirty little secret in Hwood but what are the side effects?
    No woman should lose her soul over a man/child.

  9. Side effects include, massive heart attack, diabetes and cancer.
    Andre The Giant suffered the effects of runaway Human Growth Hormone.
    Anyone using this product is shaving years off of their lives.

  10. Uh yeah, HGH and dozens of plastic surgeries. Wake up people, don’t believe the hype. You can bet that crap will give you cancer, we’re not meant to stay the same “age” from birth to the grave.

  11. Doesn’t this fall under at least one of the 7 deadly sins?

    I’m not knocking Demi, because if I were in her position, I just may do the same thing, but she can’t continue to do it forever surely. I recently saw a picture of her, she looked horrid or at least her real age. Haha. I think this HGH may work for a period of time but once it stops working then what? Your age is fast forwarded in x 2!!

    I sure hope Demi isn’t considering taking that snake Kutcher back because next time( there WILL be a next time) he cheats on her, it just may finish her!

  12. I went to school with two guys a year younger than me who took HGH, and they died recently within a couple of years of each other from a brain tumor. They had no doubt been roiding for 30+ years, so that’s what can happen.

  13. Demi should just end the marriage now. Why prolong the pain? She is too old for him no matter what kind of hormone she is taking, or how many surgical procedures she undergoes.

  14. She is hiding her “secret” well. She looks tired & haggard. An aging person trying to stay young through plastic surgery and thinking people buy it is pathetic

  15. I think most rich people take HGH. It is especially prevalent among male Ivy League professors of a certain age. It used to be a grand a month, so now it is probably five grand a month. But be careful with those hormones, especially after 50. It can set off a chain of events that can end in cancer. But since cancer is feed by sugar, I don’t know that Demi has a concern.

  16. Maybe he’s looking for a way to let her down easily during the vacay…cause his past behavior screams “I wanna be single again”.

  17. She was never (imho) a raving beauty, always had thin lips and stringy hair. Can’t she see he is wants out, wants to cheat, and she knows it. Maybe the Kabbalah cult has got her mind messed up more than we or she knows. And that raspy voice of hers is another turn-off.

  18. She does not look haggard. She’s always had a long, skinny face with thin lips and small features – not exactly luscious. Maybe that is why some of you see her as “haggard” (the overly straight hair and centre part emphasizes these qualities). On the other hand, she doesn’t look miraculously young for her age. Plenty of 49 year olds look that young. I am one of them

  19. That hgh is not working, this woman looks disgusting, but she’s always been an ugly person, it’s just now the exterior is matching the interior. All these women that think they are hot sht can never keep a man. ie: Madonna, jlo, Demi, drew Barrymore, the two evas. The reason is even though they know they aren’t sht, they over compensate for it in their personal lives and act like men should be kissing the ground they walk on.

  20. Good point, Village. The cancer risk is real as is the cancer/sugar relationship. But Madonna could stand to take a few lessons from Demi, whose arms don’t look stringy and weird.

  21. Ew, I always hated that fakey sinewy look; I thought she was absolutely gorgeous before she started all that crap (St Elmo’s Fire etc.)

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