Perfect timing. Chelsea Handler and her boyfriend Andre Balazs just broke up and according to Deadline Hollywood, she has now signed a 25 million dollar deal with E! to continue her talk show Chelsea Lately, for two more years and develop new shows. Who has time to regret the loss of a boyfriend? This money is particularly astounding because the E! channel is notoriously cheap with their everyday staffers and secondary performers. We remember when we were doing The Gossip Show at E!, it took YEARS to get a $25 raise….



  1. This offensive Jewess just sleeps with the boss to get a raise. She is most disgusting and foul.

  2. WTF !!! I hardly think she is worth that. You would think it would be easy to find some one with talent, class and a nice person.

  3. Obviously, Chelsea has a lot of viewers – and she’d be gone if the pay wasn’t what she expects. Good for her.

  4. How does the jew people do it!!!! Andre is not even thinking about her just like the receptionist who said, who and what. Also, andre is sitting on top of several hotels so what is 25 million to him? He is still laughing because he’s way on to the next chick.

  5. I don’t get it, but she does appeal to a younger crowd and her comedy shows do well.

    Thank you Janet for showing her with Chuey, her poor put upon “assistant”. Hopefully he’ll share in the wealth so he will never, and I mean NEVER, PLEASE GOD DON’T, make another porn film.

  6. Since when is Mean spritedness and foul mouthed bullying Comedic Talent. She does’t even have the ratings. Makes you wonder how she got the job to begin with.

  7. She and Kathy G are two of the nastiest so not funny comics out there.

  8. C.H is a vile,crude,full-of-herself,vulgar,stupid, phoney tramp.She is UNFUNNY! Classless,talentless, tactless and mean spirited people-user!Don’t know one person that can sit through her drivel masquerading as a TV show. Worst show on T.V.

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