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Celebrities usually arrive at rehearsals for “Dancing With The Stars” looking sloppy in t-shirts and sweats. But David Arquette showed up dressed like his idea of a 1930’s leading man – or Fred Astaire. He’s even wearing white buck dancing shoes! If creative apparel is any indication of dancing skill, he’s a major contender.

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  1. He’s so cool. I hope he works out his problems. I get the feeling that his family is a bit loopy. I wonder about the dynamics that produced 5 actors. Even in a show biz family, it seems strange that no one ended up in another profession.

  2. He just may do well! The public love his goofy persona. As long as he doesn’t mess with the “FRIENDS” beloved “Monica”, they will vote him forward.

    By beloved “Monica”, I mean all those voters out there that believe the “FRIENDS” characters…….are actually the people that play them.

  3. Casonia logenberry..Hells kitchen..I want elisa to get kicked off the show and the main reason for that is that! I want to be the first black woman to win on the show and yes she does a good job but her personality stinks and..I hate her? I hope she hangs says:

    It looks like he is going to have fun and even though he is in shape and looks great..I bet he is going to tone his body even more and just have fun and rock it out and…He looks great and..I Think he is going to have a fantastic time doing this? He is going to have fun and move and groove to the beat! Good luck and hope you win?

  4. Diva, so right. All the Arquette family is disfunctional. And Courteney Cox is mean as a snake, she just looks plain out mean.

  5. indy– you are like strom and hate everybody and seem jealous of everyone you don’t believe in nothing good or that anyone has any good.

    i can’t tell if you are a woman or man because you sound like a sailor most of the time. your language makes the Osbornes (ozzy and his bunch) sound like innocent choir boys

    you need alittle bit of Casonia and she needs a little of you. maybe that would balance things out.

  6. Courteney Cox is mean as a snake”

    how do you know this? did you see it in your crystal ball while surrounded by your flying monkeys

  7. So true about all the Arquettes being weird and screwed up. I have no idea what Courtney Cox ever saw in him. I don’t know if she’s mean, but she must have a screw loose, too.

  8. nicky, maybe she is not quite as mean as a snake, but I’m sorry, she just gives me a certain vibe. Maybe it’s because she sooo overacted on “Friends” and was always screaming out of the clear buy….”I KNOW”. I always thought these 2 were a mismatch. Funny she could never catch a man and had to settle for David, who needed to grow up first before getting hitched. I think he still is growing up and maybe DWTS will hasten the procedure.

  9. for his person it’s like doing blowjobs in the house, on the streets, in hotels……..JUST EVERYWHERE, folks!!

  10. David’s career plummeted when he started hanging around with Pee-wee. Not a good look. Not a good choice.

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