It’s been a wild summer for Cy Waits. He started dating Paris Hilton (and achieved some notoriety) in June and he and his twin brother Jesse just got a huge promotion from Las Vegas boss Steve Wynn. The brothers have been successfully running Wynn’s nightclubs and when Wynn and Victor Drai recently parted ways – they took over Drai’s empire. The twins were on the fast track to incredible success until Paris pulled out her lip gloss. The resulting drug charges and Cy’s DUI rubbed Steve Wynn the wrong way and to no one’s surprise, word is out that he fired Cy. The future of his brother Jesse is unknown. Suddenly Cy isn’t the great catch he was when Paris started dating him.

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  1. Yep…everything she touches turns to shit. People should RUN AWAY from her, and never look back. Idiots.

  2. Still can’t get past the nose. Looks to be a relatively easy surgery. And did she have a tit job or just a really good push up bra. I have heard her say in the past that she was glad she was flat-chested.

  3. Naw, it’s not her tits, they are just shoved up from the bottom with a padded (REALLY padded) bra…add the fake hair and this fool is really getting taken for a ride, isn’t he? Hope he can get a discount on his own Valtrex prescription now that he’s unemployed. And, of course he’ll be shopping for a new girlfriend soon too as she’ll drop him like a hot potato now that he’s a loser thanks to her. Maybe he can sign up to be her new “BFF” on her next version of that crappy show where she gets brainless drones to worship at her giant moose sized feet!

  4. Parasite Hilton really does destroy everything around her. Lainey was right

  5. Paris is really shooting her wad so to speak. She’s not leave anything left undone and screwing and doing drugs like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunely, there is a tomorrow and just wait and see her down the road it won’t be pretty and neither she.

  6. It really surprises me that this disease laden whore still manages to get any guy to stick their moving parts in her after she flaunted her herpes medication RX in plain site a few times on camera! I guess it just shows that the fellows don’t have HALF the brain power that the skank has, and ain’t THAT a scary thought? Let’s just hope this one never breeds…imagine what low grade brain cells the spawn would would be sportin!

  7. Further proof that this ho is not only bad for your health, but bad for business.

    Reta, like attracts like. The guys she hooks up with and as fucked up and depraved as she is. Like I said before: bottom of the barrel busted bitch.

  8. For all the priviledges that Miss Hilton is privy to, she is all about herself. Not one known contribution to benefit helping another living soul. She may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but her own name has been tarnished for years.She perfers to be known as a loose cannon who is just out there,and don’t care. Sad Indeed. No amount of money will ever buy her an ounce of respect,and the worst part is her own family name is not associated so much with Hilton Hotels,her name is associated with Paris Hilton who has allowed her own self to become the biggest joke in town.

  9. it sounds pretty simpel, being a celebrity.

  10. You got it right Sally, two gutter rats can smell each others stink.

  11. She needs an exorcism. Drive the demons out of her, as she is definitely inhabited by sex and famewhore demons. And needless to say she and all the men she has been with need to be tested for quite a while to see if any germs/bacteria have been simmering in their inner parts.

  12. Indy…Herpes is for LIFE. There is NO CURE for it and all the money in the world can’t help her. She laready HAS it, everybody KNOWS she has it, and if the morons who fuck her haven’t done their homework and found this FACT out, then they get what they deserve. They’ll have a souveneer of her for life! Hope the quickie’s are worth it, festering sores all over your peckers must really hurt, let alone knock you out of business for a while. And who’s going to want to screw YOU after everyone knows you’ve been dipping into Herpes Hilton!

  13. OOOOh, again the nose tip. wow, bad.

    I agree, Reta, she has the gift that keeps on giving and she is a very generous giver. lol

  14. Yes folks, we know, Paris is just like the little mechanical horsies that used to be outside the grocery stores, only one needn’t pay a dime to ride Paris.

  15. Damn you all speak of this chick as if she were Charlie Sheen or Chris Brown.

    She’s just high class white trash, a common coke-head, hurting no-one but herself.

    Also 25% of you have the Herp yourself, if the stats are correct. Commericals say it’s controlled or repressed with meds. Use condoms always, anyway.

  16. Too right Mel. Little did Marx know that sex would end up being the opiate of the masses.

  17. Yeah I get that she has herpes, but I’m willing to bet the douches she hooks up with either have the herp or other STDs as well. Like attracts like.

    Do you think when these two mate another STD is created?

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