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Courtney Love’s blogs are a chore to read and an insightful colleague was kind enough to translate her latest ravings for us. Apparently she has come to the conclusion that the mortgage industry meltdown is directly related to the conspiratorial acts committed by her former employees and confidants who embezzled a FORTUNE from her. Courtney insists her losses total 800 million dollars. She says that trust funds created for her daughter were raided and the money used, along with Kurt Cobain’s stolen social security number, to buy thousands of pieces of property in fake names across the US, with each piece refinanced to buy more. Thus, the mortgage meltdown. She says she has proof but no one will listen to her. And this investigation has taken up so much of Courtney’s time, that her long delayed album, Nobody’s Daughter, will not be released anytime soon.


  1. Will some tell her to call
    Barney Frank Democrat congressman MA
    Herb Moses fannie & freddie (his gay lover)
    Senator Dodd Democrat..
    They triggered the mortgage meltdown by pressuring banks to give loans to the poor and illegals.
    Had they been republicans they would be in PRISON right now.

  2. ^^^
    Obviously the plan to incite warfare between “the poor and illegals” and the CONGENITALLY STUPID is working just fine.

  3. Love is an addict who smoked, snorted and shot up
    her daughter’s legacy.
    I am sure Love was ripped off, probably her former drug buddies did her in.
    But HER behavior is responsible for HER loss.
    You would think Love would pull herself together for her only child.
    The drugs are always more important than anything else.
    Only an addict would conclude the world wide economic crisis is a handy work of the druggies she was hanging with and using with.
    stay off the sh*t.

  4. Someone needs to put a shotgun in her mouth and pull the trigger.

  5. Hey, whatever excuse this loser scum can use to keep from pulluting the air with her “talent” I’m all for it!! I agree with Kurt!!

  6. Is this waste of space broke?
    Best news we’ve heard all week.

  7. The madhouse have special “CORTNEY LOVE-CONNECTIANS” availible now, folks!!

  8. She needs to attend a 2 hour southern Baptist church and get cleansed and forgiven. There is always hope, even for poor lost souls like her.
    Sometimes, the bigger they are the harder they fall, so they say.

  9. Poor Courtney. She’s reduced to looking like a broke actress auditioning for the role of Courtney Love.

  10. Courtney is sad, on so many levels. How she has escaped involuntary committment to a mental hospital all these years is beyond me. She is living proof that the mentally ill frely roam the streets in great numbers everyday. No dounbt her drug abuse has exascerbated he problems, but clearly she has a predisposition to begin with. Someone please, get Courtney help! It must be so humiliating for her daughter.

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