We can just IMAGINE Frances Cobain’s face when she learned that her mother Courtney Love is having an art show! Two years ago Frances had a very successful art exhibit at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles and she used the fake name Fiddle Tim, instead of promoting her real self. Her somewhat gruesome charcoal drawings were well received and sold out. We’re thinking her estranged mother Courtney must have figured “If she can to it, so can I.” So Courtney is having her OWN gallery show in New York called “And She’s Not Even Pretty” and it opens May 3. Her drawings are in pencil, pastels, and watercolor, and there is a slight resemblance to her daughter’s more intense work. Courtney says if they SELL, she’ll do it again! Really, Courtney, MUST you compete with your daughter?
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  2. Courtney Love always wants to prove she’s a better anything than anybody, but the only ways she’s got people beat are in the ego and craziness departments.

  3. is a loose cannon.

    Obviously the 2 Strom posts above are from an imposter with a poor sense of its own value….probably a character from The Hobbit!

  4. No strom #3, you are a psycho. That is what you sound like on every post.

    It is not like cournety love art is shitty, they are good. Her daughter should be happy she has a life and has money to even have the time to paint. Courtney love may her moments but if it wasn’t for relenting to curt Cobain music, her daughter would be selling her ass. So she needs a good sit down and shut the Fuck up slap.

  5. Courtney is going to be the bane of Frances’ existence for as long as she lives and Frances seems to be coming to terms with it. Good for her. Courtney isn’t fooling many of us non-relatives either.

  6. to all you strom-haters: leave strom alone, you stupid ass-holes. He has the right to say what he wants. What does he say that is incorrect: Kim lusts after blacks? and correct statements such as that?

    strom: these imposters and haters are probably living in a half-way house, just out of jail, and have nothing else to do.

    And no, I am NOT strom.

  7. I have seen the collection of Love’s photos. They are sad and frightening. A therapist would have a field day with those.

    They seem (my humble opinion folks) to have been created by a young 20-something mind rather than a middle-aged woman.

    Does she not take her meds?

  8. Thanks but I dont need backup…..its not about posters,,,its about big ideas!

    Hope & Change

  9. Bad ass you must not have been here long enough. It is not like there comments are different they are redundant in every post.

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  12. Strom, your relentless pursuit to disable all things black, etc hardly makes your opinion a qualifier in the discussion. And attacking an accuser or putting the victim on trial are both well established defense tactics used to obfuscate the truth. Come out of hiding yourself.

  13. So JC now has its own Perry Mason or maybe Matlock!

    I always say show me any inaccurate statements by me…….please show me any, I am happy to correct.

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    It’s not about posters in any event.

  14. In both your comments, you jumped on all kinds of things stressing the word BLACK which I never brought up.

    Let’s count ’em: OJ, Michael Jackson, Reginald Denny, Asians, Hispanics, Kim K, Paula Abdul, Corey Clark, BLACK men, BLACK women, the BLACK race, Whitney Houston, and Sam Ronson.

    And my first comment wasn’t even directed at you, but YOU JUST COULDN’T RESIST. Why don’t you find a nice welcoming hate group to join and leave DECENT people alone, thanks!

  15. So JC now has its own Perry Mason or maybe Matlock!

    I always say show me any inaccurate statements by me…….please show me any, I am happy to correct. Instead we get nothing but diversions.

  16. Both mother and daughter have a talent that is best suited to the back cover of a high school binder. That said, both mother and daughter know, that these pieces of crap will bring in money, not for their artistic merit, but merely for the stupidity of people who are willing to part with their money to buy a name on the bottom of a picture,and that their teenaged son or daughter probably has drawn a similar piece, while bored in class.

  17. There are always more than enough imitators out there and rivalries to go around. For me, REAL art is like that of Seattle artist Dan Parfait. I love his “Tiffany Girl” which I saw online. Now THAT is art.

  18. Love what is in front of me and…Great pictures truly outstanding and has such grace.. It is okay to see what happens in every direction and okay have fun and make history at the same time… But mother Courtney you had plenty of time before your daughter was on this earth to do art?

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