His female fans always want to know who Constantine Maroulis is dating, but no one can figure out who this blonde girl with him is- they’re at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. American Idol runner up Constantine is a hit on Broadway, and he’s set to make an appearance on the new CW show “Empire State” as Tinsley Mortimer’s “boyfriend.” Tinsley is a pretty New York socialite who’s been seen on “Gossip Girl” and now has a show about her own life described as a “docusoap series.” That must mean a little reality and a little script. It’s not a real romance.


  1. well, let’s say we’re not surprised at all.

    “FAKE” is american for sure, REMEMBER?

  2. I am so jealous of that girl getting to spend time with Constantine! My true fantasy is to snuggle up real close with him in a nice cabin in the Denver mountains. Constantine deserves all the fame he can get. I hope that girl is someone who can forward his career! I LOVE YOU BABY! Thanks for the Angie song shout out during your show!! You will always and forever be in my heart!

  3. I’m related to her. Have never met him…although he has to be way cool to be able to hang with my cousin. Love you girl!!! XOXO

  4. oh poo! I went to the heathers site to read up on the latest on Constantine and they have gone so far underground I can’t read anything! Can someone post a workable id and password to get into their site?

  5. I hope she has some Trojans in that messenger bag, cause that boy’s naaaaaaaasty! Oh Snap! Hey Chris Davis!

  6. I think it is super annoying for people to post such brash comments about this girl that we don’t know. It’s instant to judge her because we are jealous that she is hanging out with Constantine, but I’m a huge Con fan and if he’s hanging with her she is good in my books. I think she is super adorable and I love that she is not some trashy Z list celeb. Good for her and him!

  7. I agree Tori. Leave her alone – calling her a ho cuz she’s walking down the street? Some people have no life. I think they are adorable together, and if anything she looks like the opposite of a ho, which is a step above for Con, if I do say so myself, after the whole FAKE TINSLEY thing!

  8. I think he is a good singer and I voted for him and his Rock and Roll is blasting and kicking some serious Butt and it is good for once that,No one knows who this young lady is and there fore she can have a life without being followed her around!

  9. This girl is smileing so hard…Because you don’t know who she is and there fore she can go on with her life and just be left alone.

  10. He is a good actor and that is something that he is a natural at…You see long hair men have to stick together…Because in massive careers out there often they want you to cut your hair…But good he has that trade mark hair that really makes his career wonderful for the future.

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