Joe%20Franciscuted%20G%2337C098.jpgJoe Francis is FREAKING OUT! He’s sitting in jail, serving time for tax evasion, contempt of court, molesting minors, bribery etc. – facing a hundred years in prison, and NO ONE is returning his calls! The Girls Gone Wild mogul has been reaching out to his celebrity friends – he wants them to write letters defending his character to the judge. These are the same celebrities who didn’t hesitate to accept Joe’s hospitality when he was on top of the world. They flew in his Gulfstream jet and enjoyed his Caligula-like parties in LA, Miami, Mexico, etc. Paris and Nicky Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reed, Kimberly Stewart, Jessica Alba, Mario Lopez, and MANY more, wallowed in his celebrity ass-kissing. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn were among the droves who enjoyed his generosity and hospitality at his Cabo beachfront mansion. Now they won’t give him the time of day. Joe has been calling collect from jail all over Hollywood, begging people he thought were his friends to accept his call or call him back. No response. Joe is very upset and he told one friend that he just MIGHT be tempted write a tell-all book detailing those celebrity get-togethers and all the drugs and sex secrets!


  1. He’s a creep and is getting what he deserves. He should write a tell-all and unveil the rest of those sleazebags and druggies.

  2. He was played for a fool. So desperate to be popular and now he’s locked awy like the common trash he always was.

  3. I laughed so hard I wet my pants. Send him away for life.

  4. I think the guy ought to do some hard time like 25 years. He didn’t kill anybody and knock any of these ladies up…
    Wonder if any of these gals ever thought about getting a blood test – who knows their could be some children out there that don’t even know who there father really is. Who could be a heir to this guys’ fortune.
    Do you think any of these ladies lied to some guy in lieu of being a chump father and said it was their baby? (if in fact there are any ladies who got knocked up
    And do you think any of these ladies would like to get out of their marriage, just because they’re now in more interested in becoming a part of this guys fortune as no doubt, they’re more than entitled to it.. Thus all this is mere speculation, but what if there is a kid out there with Joe F. DNA.

  5. LOL, watch this guy one day walk free. And write that tell all book that will destroy careers.
    Didn’t Donald Trump once say a real friend will stick by you through good times and bad.
    But total losers won’t be there in the bad times.
    (Go read the Art of the Deal).

  6. Joe Francis should be locked away for taking advantage of young girls. SICKO.

  7. Correction: It’s not in the Art of the Deal, but it’s in one of his other books.
    Janet are you 100% sure this guy was molesting minors? I was in Key West one spring break and had my video camera with me and they told me I couldn’t use it, as I didn’t know at the time this guy and his team was going to be shooting video in that select bar, as they had contracts with the bars owners for exclusive rights.
    What’s the drinking age in Florida? Twenty-one, right?
    Who was suppose to be keeping the minors out of the bar? The bar owners.
    I would imagine this is going to be a really interesting case, which is going to get a whole lot of media play and put a lot of lawyers to work.

    Sorry for the excessive posts.

  8. Paris and Nicky Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reed, Kimberly Stewart, Jessica Alba, Mario Lopez, and MANY more, wallowed in his celebrity ass-kissing. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn were among the droves….FREELOADERS…

  9. Joe Francis is a fool. This is his payback for using all those drunk young woman in his videos.

  10. I think all those girls you listed had sex with him too. Yuck. They were classless to begin with – why is he surprised?

  11. Lets get this right. He is serving 35 days for contempt of court. He has never been charged with molesting minors. He will be charged, though he hasn’t been yet, with bribery and possesion of controled substances in jail. He has not been arrested on the Tax charges. He can’t receive incoming calls in jail. If someone accepts his calls they will be taped by the authorities. Relax girl, take a little time, get it right.

  12. actually what strikes me as funny as that when you call from a jail, you can only make collect calls, but for some reason cell phones cant receive collect calls unless they call a land line and it is forwarded to a cell, but during the call it is monitored they will cut the call as soon as it is discovered. these people he whined and dined dont care about his loser butt, let him rot for all the dispicable things he has done and dont wory his celebrity friends will have their own E true hollywood story one day too. let the pigs lie with pigs.


  14. Every celeb he mentioned in your story is a self centered, uncaring jerk. You lie down with dogs, Joe, you’ll wake up with fleas.

  15. what a story and who cares””””””””””””””

  16. yeah,
    write the book, spill the beans,air the dirt and give these celebs the finger.
    dude is a creep though.

  17. Joe Francis is a loser and he has to kiss up to famous people. He’s a total star fu@ker

  18. maybe he could escape and hide in paris hiltons huge gaping vag

  19. My Dears.In my days,a young woman would never show her breasts or ho ho on camera.The young tramps that flaunted their wares for him are just as guilty, and where were their parents?Letting these young girls run around with hot panties leads to trouble.Nasty vermon.Remember,it takes 2 to do something nasty.

  20. “My Dears.In my days,a young woman would never show her breasts or ho ho on camera.The young tramps that flaunted their wares for him are just as guilty…. Remember,it takes 2 to do something nasty.”
    Agree! I find it hard to believe that those “innocent” girls were forced into taking off their clothes. Just look at what roams around in the Mall looking like cheap hookers. Teenage girls. Teenage girls that end up naked on video of their own free will. They have no one to blame but their self.
    But…. do I think Joe F. is a sleazy guy. Oh yea.
    Do I think he knew the girls were under aged? Yes.
    But I also think those underage girls knew exactly what they were doing.
    So you have two different sets of losers… using each other for gain.
    I am stunned by how nasty girls have gotten in the last 10 years. And they have this attitude that its okay to be sleazy as long as you earn money doing it.
    As much as I hate to admit this… my Mother always said you are judge by what you do, say and hang out with.
    So if you act like a whore you get treated like one.

  21. he is a middle class white boy who never expected to be in jail.
    he is looking for that get out of jail free card.
    i feel a bit badly for him.

  22. what I would like to know is what hapened to all of his money, wasnt he worth about $300 million at some point? why cant he bail himself out or is that not an option?

  23. money can’t get everything i am sure he gets special treatment though who cares.

  24. He can’t bail himself out because the Florida judge denied bail. The judge threw the book at him, in part, I’m sure, because Joe, the brain trust ridiculed the judge all over the news. I saw the moron ranting about the stupid judge on Greta on Fox News. Joe is a wise-ass, dumb ass.

  25. He’s a sicko he should be getting 60 years in jail, not 6! Sick fat blaoted.

  26. I hope he rots in jail. Taking advantage of young drunken girls on holiday for profit is a crime….

  27. Gee, you know if taking advantage of a lady while she’s drunk is a crime.
    Boy howdy, there sure are alot of guilty dudes and gals, as well out there.
    Think of the implications of how many adults do this on a regular basis? Think of how many kids are produced!!
    How many kids did this guy produce?

  28. I like this one – “Taking advantage of young drunken girls on holiday for profit is a crime….”
    Tell that to the bar owners out there, who’s customers typically get drunk and pay gosh darn high prices for booze and then get up on the bar and do some wild dance.
    Wonder how many Hollywood bars which the celebrities frequent ever thought about installing a webcam.

  29. He cheated on his taxes.. reporting income.. so HE IS gonna do ?Fed big house time.

  30. He’s a total pig, and he deserves exactly what he’s getting. That being said, I hope he writes the book anyway. The morbidly curious side of me would like to know those secrets.
    On another note, I bet Tara Reid is REALLY getting a kick out of this. He called her a bad lay on the radio.
    “Girls Gone Wild! Joe Francis! WOO!”

  31. Does ANYBODY really write a “Tell All” book? Heidi Fleiss black book – no, Anthony Pelicano – no, Colin Powell – no. I have YET to hear or read anyone that actually names the names out in public! I DARE YOU FRANCIS TO WRITE THAT BOOK.

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