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We have officially been sucked into documenting the private life of 18 year old Rumer Willis. Actually, we’re starting to like her – she grew on us like the Olsen twins. She seems like a well brought up girl who wants to be “bad.” We think she’s smart enough not to go TOO far but in the meantime she’s fun to watch. Here she is arriving at Paris Hilton’s house for an after hours party last night. Keeping late hours like these indicates she may have dropped out of school. NOT a good thing.

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  1. Janet you are the only one starting to like this nasty beast. Who cares what this loser is up to. Please start reporting on REAL stars not people who think they are!

  2. She’s carring cigarettes, attending an after-hours party, and apparently a drop-out of college. Great role model for our young teen girls. How do you get that she’s so well brought up?

  3. She has had that huge chin done.shes still a fugly lesbo,but better

  4. My Dears.In my days this was no way for a young lady to behave in public.I blame her parents.Both scumbags running around with younger lovers and not keeping tabs on potato head daughter.What kind of parents let their young daughter go to a party at paris gang green vag Hiltons home and drop out of school? That mother dummy moore is truly a stupid woman.I hope they both gety whats coming to them for raising such a cheap run around tramp of a daughter.

  5. what drugs was demi popping while pregnant with this sad looking girl?Something happined to her face while inside the womb.Such a pity.

  6. If you look at this pic real can see a hair in her teeth.Huge Lesbian.Look at that jacket,tattoo,cigs,haircut.Shes for sure a carpet muncher.

  7. oh yeah, she sounds like a role model child to me….way to go janet.

  8. Black man gave me this website name,told me to come here for job.Does anyone here have a job fo me?

  9. Notice you NEVER see her pictured with a guy? Where theres smoke theres a Lesbian.

  10. Notice you NEVER see her pictured with a guy? Where theres smoke theres a Lesbian.

  11. Notice you NEVER see her pictured with a guy? Where theres smoke theres a Lesbian.


  13. That’s a crack pipe in her hand! Demi your daughter is a drug addicted whore!

  14. You are making her a celebrity and she’s done nothing of merit except drop out of school and hang with other do nothings like Lindsay and Paris.

  15. She is ugly like the Olson twins. They look like 2 little troll dolls and she looks like a tranny. Some role models, huh? No wonder the young ones are screwed up. Maybe if her mother paid more attention to her, she’d been in school, getting her degree. Mommy likes to play with dolls. She even has a special house for them. Wonder where she puts little Asston?

  16. Smoking Camels??? Nice goin’ Demi. Can’t wait to see what the other 2 turn out like. Ya, you need another kid. Just use your hubby.

  17. Is her middle name “Leno,” because she has his chin.
    And as for her being a good girl…….pffffft.
    Her mother’s a whore who slept with anyone and everyone to get a job, and her father is a drunken perv.

  18. Who are any of you to pass judgement on this girl? I doubt any of you could consider yourself a “10” and, as far as life achievments go, you’re reading and posting on gossip sites??!?At least she has a life. Dumb asses…

  19. She’s on the road to hellish time in rehabs and a life time of psychiatrists hooking up with Paris and the celebtards, running wild at too young an age. What are her parents thinking not setting her up for a full education and having a guardian around the clock watching out for her if they can’t? Never let the world raise your child!

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