That was fast! No sooner did Chris Rock’s live Netflix special air than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reached out to the powers that be at the streaming giant to voice their displeasure. In one bit, Chris poked fun at Meghan’s claim of racism in the Royal family, which obviously didn’t sit well with the couple. Harry and Meghan DO have a lucrative Netflix deal which has already earned them millions, but despite that, they were politely told that the network does NOT believe in censorship. Chris’ jokes were funny and they were HIS – not the network’s. It’s unlikely that Harry and Meg will walk away from their deal over this, but to say they’re upset would be an understatement…

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  1. Cannot stand these two. The more they complain, the more I want them to go away.

    Wait til they hear that one of her long-time friends was at Rock’s event in person laughing at the jokes about her.

  2. Meagan is surprised that Harry had so little money when she married him. She is only interested in money.

  3. Who cares about what those two a- holes are upset about, both need to STFU

  4. Very few people give a rat’s ass about these two. Of the ones that do, the vast majority can’t stand them. They have clearly exposed themselves for the opportunistic users that they are. They whine, complain, preach and live hypocritically. There’s something very wrong with Harry – and his owner is just a despicable person. I truly feel sorry for the kids (unless their rent-a-kids). These two shallow grifters have denigrated both their families, they have voiced their displeasure with America and what she stands for and whine that the whole world is out to get them. Now we learn that they don’t have a sense of humor. Who knew? lol Thank God for the Prince and Princess of Wales. There’s a real class act.

  5. Chris did a wonderful job. He put into perspective the whole racism issue with the shrew and Harold. What was an in-law occurrence was blown out of proportion and labeled racism and the whinefest of victimhood.

  6. chris didn’t do a wonderful job. he was repetitive, he never spoke, he yelled, he talked about boring shit that had nothing to do with anything,
    and I wouldn’t go see him if someone paid me to.

    it was just a really bad show. I don’t see how anyone could think that was a great show. even a good one…..i also saw enough copying from Dave Chappell in certain things. (not ‘jokes/subjects he yelled about)

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