Chloe Sevigny visited Ginnifer Goodwin on the set of “Something Borrowed” and we suggest you take a long look at Chloe’s outfit. Get used to it, because YOU will be wearing something similar to this in the near future. Like it or not, high waisted pants and jeans are BACK with a vengeance. Right now only the most fashion conscious are wearing them, but the look will trickle down to Forever 21. Chloe’s 1970’s “Cramps” t –shirt, suspenders, and feathered haircut add to the 70’s inspired “Runaways” style. Look on the bright side – no more rear-end cleavage.



  1. Chloe looks like a man. And, that may be fashion, but the rest of us won’t be wearing high-waisted jeans, pants,whatever. And, it will go away, fast.

  2. Didn’t they say those jeans were coming back before? and they didn’t

  3. They were ugly back in the day and they are still ugly!

  4. Sorry, thought that was the girl in the dress’ farm boy lover (and maybe it IS). Whatever…it’s NOT very attractive either way and I wouldn’t be caught DEAD wearing those hideous high-waisted things that look like they’re creeping up her crotch too while they’re way too high water short on the bottom!

    And SUSPENDERS???? Surely you jest! The only person getting a boner looking at THIS picture is Larry King, and THAT’s because he wishes HIS suspenders would caress HIS nipples so gently like hers do!!

  5. Most fashion trends are ugly in retrospect, but they still come around again – no one ever learns from their parent’s or grandparent’s fashion mistakes. Didn’t Sevigny – several years ago – fall off her stilleto boots and knock out her two front teeth?

  6. High-waisted pants are the affirmative answer to the age-old question, “Does this make my ass look fat?”

  7. I say THANK GOD. I am sick to death of seeing people’s ass crack in those horrible low rider jeans. Now maybe young girls will look like ladies and get some self respect.

  8. For those of us without perfectly a perfectly flat belly, higher jeans are a relief.

  9. My prayers have been answered. I hate low ride jeans and the ever-popular extra-low ride jeans. Ditto for the slim jeans that are skin tight. How uncomfortable and disgusting.

  10. I would rather see these jeans than those slow slung jeans on all the fat girls whose muffin tops roll over them. If you’re a size 2, you can get away with them. the problem are the size 22 people who try to do it as well…not a good idea…So, bring back the high waisted jeans and give us all a break…kthxbye

  11. I have to agree with you clementine, that a butt crack on a size 22 person is not funny to look at. Now that won’t get you a boner, just laughing at the word. Haven’t use that in years.

  12. Kate Moss wore them at least a year ago, and no, they have not come back.

  13. Maybe she’s taking fashion advice from Mork from ORK!

  14. High-waisted dresses are fine if you are age 3 to 7. But if it’s the newest fashion trend, Miss Suri Cruise will soon have a closet full whether it looks good or not.

  15. In ten years, I have only seen two women who actually look good in the low-slung jeans/clinging shirt look, and neither of them has an ass. The rest of us look like ten pounds of sausage in a seven-pound casing. I can’t wait for the change!

  16. So true Joanie. The grossest thing to me is that visible ass crack with the visible thong and tramp stamp. EWWWWWWWW! Make it go away!!! Bring lady like fashion back pleaseeeeeeeeee

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