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It’s nice to see a designer wearing her own clothes and looking good in them. Chloe Sevigny partnered up with Opening Ceremony to launch her very wearable collection of dresses and shoes and accessories. Her sweet “little girl” dresses run about $300 to $400 at Barneys. Now is the time to buy- they’re on sale.



  1. Hang this ordinary looking frock amongst other dresses in a Salvation Army Thrift shop and see if it sells for even $10.

  2. Janet, I can’t believe you don’t see anything wrong with grown women dressing like little girls. It’s just as bad as office garments that show cleavage. Actually, it’s worse. At least sexiness is an adult thing, and there is an appropriate time to show off your boobs—just not at the office. But there’s never a time for someone who wants to be treated like an adult to dress like a little girl.

  3. I wonder if each of Chloe’s dresses comes with a lesson? Wink wink

  4. i think it’s a classic super comfortable style
    jesus do you have to see pedophilia in every freaking thing???
    where is your mind?
    it’s a DRESS. it isn’t slutty that’s for sure!
    i will say it is no where near 3-400 bucks
    that is ridiculous.

  5. She is usually very fashionably edgy, this is a surprisingly nice change for her. At least she looks sort of feminine.

  6. She gave a blow job for real in the “brown bunny” and dresses like an infant. Good God these film people are WHACKO. Between sex tapes, crotch flashing and endless cursing it’s clear that civilization is on it’s last legs.

  7. Meh. I’d kick her out of bed. That rag of a dress is bad she’s too long in the tooth for it. Plus she gave a bj on film to that junky creep, no thanks I’ll pass.

  8. Again, Janet wouldn’t know fashion if it smacked her in her drooping a$$. Chloe doesn’t look good in this dress at all. She looks like a character out of a Pee Wee Herman movie.

  9. I’m more concerned about the fact that those shoes don’t go with the dress at all.

  10. This woman has a face that could stop a clock. I don’t like grown women wearing little girls’ styles either, it looks stupid.

  11. I don’t think I would appreciate my wife dressing like this.
    Courtney love would wear it.

  12. Don’t see what’s so bad about the dress—(don’t see how it’s worth 400 bucks, either.)

    But I’ve always thought Chloe was spectacularly over-rated. Not sure how she came to become regarded as some sort of fashion icon.

    The trivia nugget that she used to babysit Topher Grace has always amused me; they share middling talent and lotsa lucky breaks! 🙂

  13. (And “The Brown Bunny” BJ is evidently going to follow her to her grave. ENOUGH already.)

  14. Really, $300-$400.00 for a dress made in china, vietnam or laos no wonder foreigners come here for jobs. I give it $9.99, located in the bin/clearance section.

  15. Tell your fictional gf that even better deals are to be had at TJ Maxx.

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