Chelsea Handler gained fame poking fun at celebrities on her E! show Chelsea Lately, but now she’s announced that she wants to do something more “important” and NOT celebrity-centered. Translation: She is BECOMING a celebrity herself, and wants to be accepted as one of the group. As long as she’s teasing and tormenting celebrities as part of her act, they will politely avoid her. Also her new boyfriend Andre Balazs, is tight with many celebrities who probably regard Chelsea with caution. Consequently, Chelsea is moving over to the other side….



  1. old sluts do eventually want to marry. she’s old and desperate!

  2. If this unfunny, monkey-faced ho is only 35, then I’m 16 again.

  3. If she stops making fun of celebrities, whatever will she talk about?

  4. LOL where is she moving up to? this hag is not funny and has zero talent, its too late for her to fit in with real famous people she is who she is

  5. The thing I can’t stand about her (aside from her mean-spirited, racist “humor”) is that she genuinely believes she’s smarter than everyone else. I suppose all that cocaine has given her a false sense of grandeur.

  6. One ugly loud mouth jew. She like the Kardashians, J lo, and Paula Abdul were happy to go after the blacks when she thought it was good for her but sent them back across the tracks when it came career time.

  7. So now the white guys cAn suck the black juice out of their bushes. Yay! Chelsea looks like a very low budget Claudia shiffer. Those lines on her face does not say 35 more like 51 on craggy white skin.

  8. I hate to say it but she always looks rough to me. Of course, her mouth is pure sand paper. lol She is more common/average looking which is actually a good thing.

    I suspect she wouldn’t think twice about belting boyfriend or family. lol

  9. She has nothing to offer if she’s not talking crap about other celebrities, I would hardly call her one herself

  10. low life liberal trash talkers never retire they support elite greedy Katie, Joy, Puffington and Whoopie and become universally scorned.

  11. I can’t stand this bitch. She slept with all the right people is why she even got a show on TV. She is so not funny.

  12. Trashing celebrities is her claim to fame; oh, she brown-noses Jennifer Aniston. What a w****.

  13. Her book wasn’t funny, but that humour obviously appeals to the masses.

  14. I use to watch her show, but then I found her mean spirited, as most posters have pointed out, and I don’t like her humour.

    Although I have to say that whenever she is on her show, her hair ALWAYS looks great!!

  15. I actually Like and enjoy Chelsea Handler and her show and watch it nearly every nite. I also like the rotating comedians that come on her “panel”. The only part I DON’T like is Chuey who is NOT funny and seens to be just an overly obese Mexican who can barely speak clearly enough to be understood. I also don’t like her interview portion which is too short and is rushed. The ending with her and Chuey could be canned too. They should make the whole show a round table of sorts with various comedians discussioning hot topics which is always funny.

    By the way, Chelsea Handler has been famous for a long time and used to be in another show that was pretty funny called “Girls Behaving Badly” where they pulled candid camera/ pranked type things on people and it was very funny. The entire cast was great on it.

  16. Say good bye to your career Chelsea. Your comedy is why some people like you.

  17. The way she is looking at him is….Who the F&%K do you think you are? I am the celebrity here!!

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