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It’s not easy being Chaz Bono – in more ways than one. Cher’s transgendered daughter has admitted on his blog that there is one thing he misses about life pre-transition: “Clean public restrooms – men’s bathrooms can be REALLY disgusting!” (That IS an unexpected drawback to becoming a man.)


  1. And you’re JUST FIGURING THIS OUT? Ya dumb ass shoulda’ stayed a woman…

  2. Oh Chaz, it’s now time for you to lose your sense of space and distant. It’s all part of a being a man. If your not sprinkling on the toilet seat, your doing it all wrong. lol


  4. What???? I’m canceling my gender reassignment surgery!

  5. This is really sad. Clearly there is mental illness involved.

  6. Lisa, I agree with you. I think all these people who think they are someone else trapped in some unfamiliar body IS a MAJOR mental illness and I’m surprised that there was EVER this type of surgery developed or encouraged. SHE/HE can’t help if he still has to sit to pee. he always will because the reinvented penis I don’t think has been perfected let alone complete with urinating capabilities. Just be glad this wasn’t YOUR mind or your child’s mind and have sympathy for those who do. I can’t imagine the pain Cher has over her only two children and how they have turned out, both with sexual identity issues. I believe her son dresses as a woman…I think I read that a long time ago. Can’t imagine what Gregg Allman must feel about it.

  7. He always looks as if he’s about to cry.

    You’d think he’d be happy.

  8. I have absolutely nothing against her but she should really lose weight.

  9. “Lisa, I agree with you. I think all these people who think they are someone else trapped in some unfamiliar body IS a MAJOR mental illness and I’m surprised that there was EVER this type of surgery developed or encouraged.”

    I think its about time for u and Lisa the idiot to take ur pills. What do u think, homosexuality or bisexuality are illnesses too? Mind ur own business, self righteous useless eaters! And FYI Cher was one damm lousy mother!

  10. So is she, I mean he, now dating men, because when he was a she, he, I mean she, was living with a she. And does that mean she, I mean he, dates men only or is she still living with her lifepartner.

  11. She actully has a cock? I would like to see this her’s. I’m trying to figure out if her girlfriend has a straight face when this walks in the bedroom and wants to have sex.

  12. Isn’t Annette Bening/Warren Beatty’s daughter being reassigned to a dude, too?

  13. Yes, Natalie, that is true. I read that Annette is OK with it, but Warren is in misery over it. Also, they have had more than a few arguments.

  14. @XYZ
    “Cher was one damm lousy mother!”

    More likely the reason for Chastity’s homosexuality than being ‘born gay’. Jury’s still out on THAT theory for me…

  15. XYZ:NO I do NOT believe homosexuality or bisexuality are anything like a mental illness. I DO think people are wired whatever they are from before birth and your parent’s manner of raising you cannot “turn you gay” (nor hetero if they try to force THAT on you). I believe that it’s all in the wiring of your mind.

    However, Chaz was first a lesbian for years and years and THEN decided to “become a man”. She/he is still with the same female and since she/he has NOT had any “bottom surgery” and says she/he doesn’t intend to, to me she/he is just a lesbian who had her boobs chopped off and dresses like a man.
    I DO think this “transgender” thing IS a form of mental illness in that the wiring in their brains is so screwed up. THAT’S “mental” if you ask me.

    By the way, “XYZ” YOU are visiting a website for gossip just as Lisa and I are, and YOUR opinion and comment is no more perfect than ours are. Mind your OWN “business” asshole, and Cher was NOT a “damn lousy mother” if you listen to her kids, who are the only ones who count. HER parenting did not cause her children’s sexual identity problems. YOU get a clue and educate yourself before you attack others making a comment same as you are doing, and adding stupid shit you have no idea about such as calling us “useless eaters” or telling us to take meds. Maybe you need to go look in the mirror since you are so perfect, and don’t forget to swallow YOUR pills, you’re overdue!

  16. Uh, no. I manage a special events center where I have to tidy both men’s and women’s bathrooms, and this notion is solid myth. Many of the more honest women I know that I have breached this subject with have freely confirmed that my observations are not subjective–as one put it, “women are nasty.”

    Soiled pantyhose, thongs, toilet paper, feminine “hygiene” products, as well as cocktails and beer bottles tossed or smashed recklessly on the ground are not uncommon. Also, it seems many womens’ solution to a clogged toilet is to just keep flushing until a minor wetland is achieved. (??!)

    I suspect “Chaz” just misses all of the sniffable femininity the “ladies” leave behind more than anything. Sure guys get some spray here and there, but c’mon. They are way more well behaved in the lavatory than the so-called “ladies.”

  17. With all do respect, there is a strong correlation between Bipolar disorder and homosexuality. People get all mad when you call it a “mental disorder” but let’s remember that gay people themselves say their sexuality is in their BRAINS not between their legs so if that’s true then it’s probably a chemical imbalance that causes people to be attracted to the same gender, the same chemical imbalance that makes people bipolar.

  18. I have never, never set foot in an American ladies public restroom.
    The mens rooms are always much more acceptable to my urbane British sensibilities.
    American women are such filthy creatures.

  19. I use men’s bathrooms when the women’s are full and urinals ARE creepy!

    I think Reta makes some good comments!

    I have dated a woman-trapped-in-the-body-of-a-man (before I knew it!) as well as a COUPLE of man-trapped-in-the-body-of-a-woman (also without knowing it!) I personally am not that way, so it does seem weird to not feel comfortable with one’s gender. But who can say what’s right or wrong to FEEL? NO ONE!

    But Chaz really needs to follow an eating plan for her health. She is just way to big for her own good, and she should not be a role model without it being brought up. I am worried about her blood pressure and about her diabetes risk, and no one is talking about it. It’s like the elephant in the room, so to speak! She should be talking about this stuff.

    Heart disease is the #1 killer of women AND men!

    There are too many ESPECIALLY BIG LESBIANS, and I say this kindly,who think that because they aren’t trying to catch men they don’t need to be “thin.” But we all need to fight obesity, which is at an epidemic.

    Are people so afraid of her, and WHY are they so afraid???

  20. Belissa, I don’t think anyone is really afraid of her, maybe they just don’t confront her/him on the weight issue because Chaz has fought it for so many years only to grow larger each time. It’s obviously related to Chaz’s other emotional issue, the sexual orientation frustration and not being able to have the “body” of a man if she/he TRULY feels that is what he IS. It cannot be done and be functioning. Therefore Chaz will ALWAYS be a “female” as least to some good extent.
    I believe this is a completely different issue than being gay which I think is a simple thing of brain chemistry from birth. Wiring.
    It may bewiring too in the transgendered, but that there are so many who have had the surgery, then went back and undid it, or tried to, then undid THAT even. It seems to me to be a mantal ILLNESS in that way. Adding to the ILLNESS by contributing hormones and buying into the illusion by cutting of breasts, penises, testicles, uturuses, all parts that cannot be reattached seems mighty destructive to me. There a lot of huge shouldered, balding, huge hands, small hipped, hulking ‘women” clomping around in heels and lipstick telling themselves they are women now because they chopped their “junk” off and take hormones, and electrocuted their beards, talk in horribly fake “female” voices. maybe their brains DO tell them they are women, but I think they are buying a dream and getting a nightmare. A lot of them wind up suicidal when it doesn’t give them what they thought it would. The whole thing is a sad mess as far as the cases I have seen, and that’s a lot because I find it interesting. I feel for them because they are human beings who are unhappy. They make me more aware of what I have to be thankful for. And I’d much rather be a gay person than “transexual”.

  21. WOW! From reading the above comments I thought there were a lot of really fucked-up people on here, but none were so fucked-up to inspire me to post a comment until I read the message posted by “Zachary” on 3/30/11.

    Apparently Zachary is a mental health specialist, sub-specializing in Bipolar Disorder and in human sexuality.

    Where is the scientific evidence to support your theory that there is a correlation between Bipolar Disorder and homosexuality?

    That is the biggest load of BULLSHIT that I have ever read! If this were true, then homosexuality is “curable” by medication? Bipolar disorder is controlled by medication, so if there exists this correlation that Zachary purposes, then homosexuality would also be “curable” by similar (or the same) medication as that used to treat Bipoliar Disorder.

    So is this what you’re saying, Zachary? And can you PROVE this theory, Zachary?

    What’s that you say, Zachary? Speak up, I can’t hear you. Oh, so you say YOU CAN NOT PROVE YOUR THEORY???

    Well then WHY DON’T YOU JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP, ZACHARY, instead of talking such useless nonsense out of your asshole!

    The saddest thing about a forum such as this one is that there are really stupid people out there who read things on the internet, such as Zachary’s comments, and they get confused and start thinking that what they read must be true because they read it on the internet! That is why I felt the need to post a response to Zachary’s ignorant comments. I hope that anyone who read Zachary’s insane theory understands that Zachary doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about, and that his theory is NOT true. And that’s about the best that I could possibly hope for.

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