There’s a perk to being a friend of Brad Pitt. He loves to advise pals when it comes to doing renovations to the interior of their homes. Brad has been very interested in architecture and design for years and has worked extensively on his own houses. A female friend decided to update her main bathroom and Brad offered to design it. She was thrilled and let him do whatever he wanted, but the result was “surprising.” $80,000 later she found herself with a huge “wet room” – a totally waterproofed room of tile and concrete with no separation from the shower. It’s quite modern and minimalist, but VERY masculine, with little regard for mirrors or female frivolities. The woman was so excited to have a bathroom designed by Brad Pitt that she puts up with all the stark inconveniences…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA -Brad Pitt looks sleek at the Babylon premier


It has been a LONG time since Britney Spears was able to jump in her car and drive herself (alone) around her neighborhood. That’s apparent because while driving today, she decided she needed a bathroom break and she stopped at A GAS STATION. Not to buy gas, just to use the restroom. When is the last time you (or anyone) pulled into a gas station to use those extremely questionable facilities? Perhaps, NEVER? The obvious choice would be a Starbucks or maybe a supermarket – perhaps a restaurant. A horrific gas station bathroom would be a last, desperate choice. But a curious paparazzi quietly watched Britney quite happily bounce in and out of a gas station bathroom this afternoon! Just like old times…

Photo: Instagram


We loved Reese Witherspoon in her first film, The Man in the Moon, but even then, we underestimated this southern girl. Turns out her father was a doctor and her mother a PHD, so she was blessed with smarts AND good looks. She’s been one of the highest paid actresses in the world, and now at 45, is also a successful producer (Type A Films). So it’s not surprising that she just purchased a 9,504 sq ft, 10 bath, 7 bedroom, home in Brentwood for 15.9 million. On three “park-like“ acres, no less! We were particularly enchanted by the TWO master his and hers bathrooms (the key to a successful marriage?) – HERS has a soaking tub, and the killer closet. We also love that the 1991 built house doesn’t look like a flashy McMansion- it looks homey.