Charlotte Casiraghi, 27, (she’s Princess Caroline’s daughter) is a classic beauty in her Gucci riding apparel as she competes at the Paris Eiffel Jumping Event. She has her own riding collection at Gucci. Charlotte started the competition right with this fabulous photo, but the day didn’t end well. During a jump she fell off her horse and had to be taken to the hospital for x-rays.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. this is another “Kardashian” bunch. None of them can keep their legs together.

  2. what moron here compared the Kardasians to the family of Princess Grace of Monaco? The Kardasians? Really?

  3. @Lozzi – the Monaco royal family is full of shit itself

  4. Make No mistake:
    Charlotte is royalty through and through, even
    her horse looks regal!!

  5. @Lozzi that family is full of whores, more out of wedlock kids than you can shake a stick at. You need to do more reading on this bunch!

  6. Mr. Lozzi, have you lost all your clients so you have time to rant on this site?

  7. Princess Stephanie has had children out of wedlock as well so perhaps you should be the one who checks some facts. While I loathe the Lardashians (ha typo and it stays!!) these royals are nothing like their mother, Princess Grace. I admire royals in general but Albert has numerous out of wedlock kids, Caroline has been divorced and widowed and is currently on the rocks with Ernst August of Hanover. Both families are messy.

  8. Noble Cascade and others,

    The Monaco royal family has many skeletons in their closet and most of it is not hidden. Example: Princess Stephanie is the ultimate royal wild child, at one time living in a trailer with a circus roadie, among other outrageous escapades. The whole lot of them are infected with sex addictions and many scandals, also a lot of curses, the largest of course is when Princess Grace was killed.

  9. Don’t know a thing about her, but wonder if she’s ever done the Loretta Lynn Trail Ride or wonder what she’d look like doing some barrel racing on a quarter horse?

  10. Let’s not exempt Princess Grace from these escapades. Her marriage to Rainier was no fairy tale–it was a business arrangement. Once Onassis pulled out of Monaco in the 50’s, Rainier needed something else to replace all that missing money. Relying on Onassis’ advice, he settled on marrying Grace, a serial philander much like himself, to bring in the tourists and the cash.

  11. For the love of God, the horse is wearing a hat!

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